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Glenn Gould And Finger Tapping. Le défi lancé en 1981 surprend une nouvelle fois et conforte sa primauté dans cet exercice. Glenn Gould, Bach* - The 1955 Goldberg Variations (Birth Of A Legend) ‎ (CD, Album, Mono, Ltd, RE, RM) Sony Classical , Sony Classical 82876698352, 8287669835200 • Kreisleriana de E.T.A. The real question is where to even begin with this recording; the impeccably varied and expressive opening Aria, the introspective yet joyful canons, the magnificent overture that is the 16th variation, or perhaps the ever-so-mysterious “black pearl” denounced by him in an interview years after the recording yet still owning up to his name? À cela … Le comte aurait commandé ces Variations à Bach au tout début des années 1740 et celles-ci auraient été jouées pour la première fois par un des élèves de Bach et petit protégé du comte : le claveciniste Johann Gottlieb Goldberg. Glenn Gould plays Bach: Goldberg Variations BWV 988 - The Historic 1955 Debut Recording; The 1981 Digital Recording Glenn Gould. [3] Service, T., 2012. The notes quote him as having described it as "the most overrated keyboard disc of all time". A new recording by Lang Lang, a star Chinese pianist, is a reminder of the complex beauty of Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions [4] Beauchamp, R., 2005. After a while, I forgot the Goldberg Variations by Gould completely. The title of this set, A State of Wonder, probably would induce in Glenn Gould a state of hysterics, never mind that the name originates with him (perhaps he was unconsciously recalling the words of the theme song to the 1960s dolphin drama “Flipper”). This is, for me, why Gould’s playing works with Bach; the contrapuntal structure of the piece becomes readily noticeable with economy of action, harking back to the harpsichord’s methodology for playing with texture but now in a recontextualized soundscape: that of the modern piano. [online] the Guardian. Ça caquette côté trompettes, ça rugit côté trombones, ça piaffe côté saxophones… Next. In early 1955, Gould made his New York debut, and within hours signed with Columbia's Masterworks imprint. Un conte inédit écrit par Taï-Marc Le Thanh, illustré par Rose Poupelain et raconté avec panache par Édouard Baer. Proudly created with, The Goldberg Variations Series: Glenn Gould: Bach, J.S. Voici le Carnaval des Animaux comme vous ne l'avez jamais entendu : Il était une fois dans le monde dingo de la musique classique l’histoire des Variations Goldberg de Jean-Sébastien Bach. Special offers and product promotions. Lion, poule, tortue, éléphant… Chaque animal a son instrument et tous forment ensemble un orchestre qui swingue !Un conte musical joyeux et ludique pour les petits et les grands. There are substantial difference between two Gould's versions in relation with tempo. 5.0 out of 5 stars Sony/Audiophile Classics/Zenph Gould Goldberg Variations Compared. Angela Hewitt makes a compelling point about how we end up discussing the Gould myth more than the playing[3]; we can’t deny its influence, however, on his success as an international musician. Il faut que cela le soit [dit-elle]. Bernstein's Speech & Brahms No.1 D-Minor Piano Concerto Op. As a person willing to trust Bernstein’s judgement in these matters, I believe Gould evidently knew what he was doing, as well as how to show it to the audience. This article is mainly about the 1955 recording, although it does mention the 1981 one. G lenn Gould's extraordinary career was bracketed by the Goldberg Variations. Glenn Gould (piano) Release Date: 10th Sep 2012; Catalogue No: 88725411822; Label: Sony; Series: Glenn Gould Anniversary Edition; Length: 96 minutes; Awards: 2 CDs $9.50. The Goldberg Variations is the last recording to appear in Glenn Gould s lifetime, completing the discographical circle that had begun so spectacularly with the same work in 1955. The word that first comes to mind when people think of Gould might be eccentric, idiosyncratic, for some even deranged. In stock. His antidepressant cocktails notwithstanding, there was also the soaking of the hands in warm water for 20 minutes prior to recording, the use only of his own creaky chair to sit on the piano, the eccentric vocalizing now immortalized in his recordings, and so on. An interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations (BWV988), the work launched Gould's career as a renowned international pianist, and became one of the most well-known piano recordings. There truly appears a veritable kaleidoscope of affects and textures that Gould chooses to focus on, and this alone poses a compelling case for Bach’s work and Gould’s playing. Almost of all tempos by other performers are between '1951' and '1981'. 2007 Preview SONG TIME Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Aria (Zenph Re-performance) By Johann Sebastian Bach . The Columbia LP quickly became one of the most revered piano recordings ever made and Gould became the most famous classical artist of the day. His exciting, unorthodox new way of playing Bach left listeners awestruck and critics around the world hailing him as a genius. Audio CD. “What you are aiming for, as a listener, is to forget about the performer, to listen just to the music, but in Gould's playing, there is too much that disturbs to forget about him”[6], he describes. Saint-Leu-la-Forêt (Auditorium Wanda Landowska). Découvrez des références, des avis, des crédits, des chansons, et bien plus encore à propos … These two are of course both remarkably splendid. Quelle est la meilleure version de Peer Gynt de Grieg ? Listening to the 23rd variation, for instance, will give a good enough example of what I’m talking about. It launched Gould's career as a renowned international pianist, and became one of the most well-known piano recordings. Audio CD. Livraison gratuite dès 25 € d'achats et des milliers de CD. Yet his musical instincts have only rarely been proven mistaken. 15 - Maestoso. It comes as no surprise that people have at times described Gould as “the audacious genius who slightly unsettled everyone around him.”[2] Recorded at the Columbia 30th street studio in Manhattan, New York over four days between June 10-16, this album embodies all that came to engender Gould’s legend as a musician. I guess the standard format would be: Bach: The Goldberg Variations (Glenn Gould recording). En 1933, du côté de Saint-Leu-La-Forêt, dans le Val-d’Oise, une femme, immense claveciniste du nom de Wanda Landowska, donne l’intégrale des Variations Goldberg de Jean-Sébastien Bach dans son auditorium. The Open Goldberg Variations (Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 988), played by Kimiko Ishizaka, are free to download and share. 4.6 out of 5 stars 25. In 1981, a year before his death, Goul… Gould, Glenn. They are governed by the Creative Commons Zero license, which means that they are a part of the public domain, and every use of them is allowed. Bach* - Glenn Gould - Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 1955 Recording ‎ (CD, Album, Mono, RE) CBS Masterworks: LMYK 44868: Canada: Unknown: Sell This Version: 61 540: Johann Sebastian Bach - Glenn Gould: Johann Sebastian Bach - Glenn Gould - Goldberg-Variationen BWV 988 ‎ (LP) CBS: 61 540: Germany: 1977: Sell This Version: 61 540: Johann Sebastian Bach - Glenn Gould: Johann Sebastian … La légende dit que Bach a composé cette œuvre pour calmer les insomnies du comte von Keyserling. Many of Bach’s scholars and performers have pointed out additional patterns in the 30 variations, … A final word must be then said about the famous 25th variation, the “black pearl” of the set that Gould so famously condemned in one of his interviews. L'esecuzione è molto particolare e diversa da tutte le altre. 4.8 out of 5 stars 194. Une adaptation jazz tout spécialement composée et interprétée par The Amazing Keystone Big Band, d’après la célèbre musique de Camille Saint-Saëns. Performance and Technology in a Socially Distanced World, Manos Xatzidakis / For a Little White Seashell (1947), Dmitri Schostakovich / Symphony No.5 (1937), Review of 2018 Album (F)lute Songs by Mary Jane Leach, Wanda Landowska - Scarlatti Keyboard Sonatas (Warner Classics, 1993 Remastered), The Goldberg Variations Series: Landowska and Egarr - Voices from the Past. Artistic Quality: 10 Sound Quality: 8. 10 offers from $6.84. Still, no one can speak ill of the stunning result of Gould’s technical control in this album, where even the fastest tempos suddenly feel effortless and light. Goldberg Variations, complete sessions CD review – Glenn Gould's obsession, meticulously assembled 5 out of 5 stars. [2] Walts, S., 2017. 4.8 out of 5 stars 199. Nathalie Piolé nous parlera de la naissance du jazz. Perhaps he didn’t consider what the reason is for listening to Gould’s recordings then; who would listen to this album for anything but Gould’s unashamedly authentic sound? See all 21 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. On y voit Kreisler jouer les Variations pour clavecin de Jean-Sébastien Bach devant un public qui « croit que ce sont de jolies petites variations ». The aria is then followed by 30 variations, based on the base line (and not mainly on the melody, which correlates with a common baroque “Chaconne” practice). Écoutez Bach: Goldberg Variations - Glenn Gould par Glenn Gould sur Deezer. The two are as different as night and day. As mentioned previously, a staple of his sound is the characteristically detached playing he knew so well to control, exemplified in such variations as the 23rd, the 8th and the 11th. Je jouerai seulement les Variations Goldberg et l’on s’en souviendra » fin de citation.Le titre original de ces pièces n’est pas Variations Goldberg mais le titre original est Aria avec quelques variations pour clavecin à 2 claviers. Glenn Gould's exciting and career-starting 1955 recording of JS Bach's Goldberg Variations currently exists in several versions. Sales were 'astonishing' for a classical album: it was reported to have sold 40,000 copies by 1960, and had sold more than 100,000 by the time of Gould's death in 1982. Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (The 1955 & 1981 Recordings) 2013 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Books I & II, BWV 846-893 1992 Bach: The 6 … The Goldberg Variations is based on a wonderful aria in an A/B structure, taken from the second Anna Magdalena notebook. [online] Quand et comment est né le jazz ?Pour y répondre notre invitée Nathalie Piolet, une passionnée de jazz, productrice sur France Musique, on peut l’entendre tous les dimanches de 10h à 11h dans l’émission Banzzaï ! Listen to Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (The 1955 & 1981 Recordings) by Glenn Gould on Apple Music. Glenn Gould: The Goldberg Variations – The Complete Unreleased Recording Sessions is the most comprehensive special edition ever dedicated to a single classical music album. The 6 Unaccompanied Cello Suites Complete Yo-Yo Ma. The technique involved him pressing down on the most outward of the three finger joints of one hand with the other, so that the finger depresses the key and retracts immediately using the minimum muscle energy required; this process, however, meant that the recording for a 39-minute album took 32 hours to complete. La légende toujours, dit que le comte était si heureux de ces partitions, qu’il aurait offert à Bach une magnifique coupe en or remplie de cent Louis d’or, pour le remercier pour cette œuvre qu’il appelait « mes variations ». I cannot recommend this recording enough. 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