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. In the main it consists of metamorphic rocks (schist, gneiss, marble, etc. She is around 800 kilometers long, stretching far and wide across this region. Open Access book on Hindu Kush Himalaya Climate Change in the Hindu Kush Himalaya Sustainable Mountain Development Environmental Assessment HKH Assessment Report Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in the HKH Energy Needs in Asia Water Security, Availability, Use and Governance Food Nutrition and Security in Asia Disaster Risk Reduction and … It originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range, on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and made its way to the US in the 60s. For this reason most of the long-distance trade between India and Turan/Bactria went over the passes of the western Hindu Kush or on the Bāmiān-Balḵ route somewhat farther west. This and the Sālang Road, a peak tunnel (3,337 m) opened in 1964, brought about a complete shift in the traffic over the Hindu Kush. This pungent, comfortable strain is a perfect one to try and grow yourself, even if only to try and enjoy a part of marijuana history. Gesellschaft 54, 1969, pp. Eight countries sign declaration to work together for the Hindu Kush Himalaya region The countries of the region, that traverses a length of 3,500 kilometres is home to 240 million people, will promote a united voice in international platforms, a study centre says. B. I. Iskandarov, Gindukush vo vtoroĭ polovine 19 v., Moscow, 1968. 241-42): (1) The western Hindu Kush between Darra-ye Šekāri and the Shibar Pass in the west and the Khawak (Ḵavāk) Pass in the east, that It Is Named After Its Origin Place Hindu Kush Mountain. It was only under the Amir ʿAbd-al-Raḥmān (r. 1880-1901) that the passes were made safe and the routes over the Khawak Pass through the Panjšēr valley, and over the Sālang and Shibar Pass, acquired new significance. Margurite Reut as Qataghan et Badakhshân: description du pays d’après l’inspection d’un ministre afghan en 1922, 3 vols., Paris, 1979. A. Scheibe, ed., Deutsche im Hindukusch: Bericht der Deutschen Hindukuschexpedition 1935 der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, Berlin, 1937. Karl Jettmar and Lennart Edelberg, eds., Cultures of the Hindukush: Selected Papers from the Hindukush Cultural Conference Held at Moesgard 1970, Beiträge zur Südasienforschung 1, Wiesbaden, 1974. The border with the Karakoram and the Hindu Raj is marked in the east by the deep saddle of the Baroghil (Bāruḡil) Pass (3,804 m) and the valleys of the Yarḵun, Mastuj, and Chitral (q.v. The Nuristani languages form their own Indo-Iranian language group, whereas Pašai belongs to the Dardic languages. Lennart Edelberg, Nuristani Buildings, Jutland Archaeological Society 18, Aarhus, 1984. Beyond just being a geological phenomena, however, this range is also historically significant – said to be some of the earliest origins of Buddhism. The population of the Hindu Kush is strongly differentiated according to ethnicity, language, and religion. The northern plains adjacent to the western Hindu Kush supply natural gas for export to Uzbekistan, while the Bābā Mountains to the south near Hājjī Gak and Paghmān (west of Kabul) and in the north near Feyẕābād contain iron ore deposits. In the southern Hindu Kush, but also in other parts of the mountains, many villages outside the irrigated land are positioned on the slope of the valley in such a way that the roof of a lower-lying house functions as the terrace of the one above. Like others in the region, they speak a language classed by some as Dardic. Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online.If you enter several tags, separate with commas. Hindu Kush Is An Indica Dominant Strain With A 100% Quantity Of It. This high, southwestern range of the inner Asian mountains renders it possible to cross the mountain barrier in relatively short but steep climbs and descents. Even the largest urban settlements such as Chitral Town (11,000 inhabitants) have partly rural features; the irrigated fields often begin behind the shop fronts of the bāzārs. People have been breeding strains from Hindu Kush for decades primarily because of its distinctive, yet completely familiar flavor. Alps, Hindu Kush world's most threatened mountains. Many previously abandoned side roads were reactivated by the Mojāhedin, and a roadway has even been laid between Chitral and Zēbāk in Badaḵšān over the Dorāh Pass. Even though this is considered an ancient strain, it came to North America in the 1960s and 1970s. This bud is infamous among users all around the world for its classic Indica effects and long-lasting high that’s perfect for any lazy day or sleepless night when you need a little extra help to fully let go. Hindu Kush cannabis strain is a pure Indica. Ring in the new year with a Britannica Membership. breed by Seedsman Here you can find all info about Hindu Kush from Seedsman.If you are searching for information about Hindu Kush from Seedsman, check out our Basic Infos, Shop-Finder and Price Comparison or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information - or list all Hindu Kush Strains (29) to find a … Almuth Degener, “Hunters’ Lore in Nuristan,” Asian Folklore Studies 60/2, 2001, pp. By Christopher Doering WASHINGTON, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Environmental damage to mountain ranges around the world could trigger more floods, landslides and fires, and bring famine to people living on their slopes, the United Nations University said on Sunday. Small hydroelectric power plants generate electricity for mountain villages in Pakistan. 14, 1965, pp. This open access volume is the first comprehensive assessment of the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region. XIX-CV. It comprises important scientific research on the social, economic, and environmental pillars of sustainable mountain development and will serve as a basis for evidence-based decision-making to safeguard the environment and advance people’s well-being. (Redirected from Hindukush Kafir people) Jump to navigation Jump to search. The name Hindu Kush is, from a historical point of view, quite young. Many of these are dual-purpose dams, with large downstream irrigation facilities. Best consumed at night time. 1980 almost 1 million people lived in the whole area, including the bordering valleys, of which 200,000 were in the Pakistani section. 409-11. Also like forts are the seats of the old country aristocracy, which are often isolated farms. This article is available in print.Vol. Find out why these #mountainsmatter. The glaciers are a critical water store for the 250 million people who live in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya (HKH) region, and 1.65 billion people rely on … This article needs additional citations for verification. It is missing from the accounts of the early Arab geographers and occurs for the first time in Ebn Baṭṭuṭa (ca. Hans D. Leicht as Reisen ans Ende der Welt: Das grösste Abenteuer des Mittlalters, 1325-1353, Tübingen, 1975. Some Indic Gujar nomadic herders seasonally penetrate the valleys of the southern slopes. Kyrgyz nomads formerly occupied the high pamir but migrated to eastern Turkey in the 1980s during the Afghan War. XII, Fasc. The Hindu Kush is sparsely populated and inhabitants subsist year-round on livestock and crops. Small groups of Kafirs who in 1896 fled into neighboring British India still live, together with Kalash, in a few valleys of lower Chitral close to the Afghan border. Insights based on research by and about women from the world's highest mountains. The lower parts of the Vākhān and the higher parts of the Sanglīch and Anjoman valleys, all on the northwestern slopes of the Hindu Kush, are sparsely inhabited by the so-called Pamir or Mountain Tajik, most of whom are Ismāʿīlī Muslims. Hindu Kush is a 100% indica strain, with high levels of THC and little to no CBD. The traffic system was changed once again by the Afghan civil war (1978-2001) and the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The Hindu Kush range is around 800 kilometres long. Thereafter the transit traffic was concentrated on the new road, whereas the other passes crumbled or retained a merely local significance. The islamization of Nuristan brought a change in the usual name for the people and their country: the Kafirs (kāfer “unbeliever”) became Nuristanis, and Kafiristan (the land of unbelievers) became Nuristan (the land of light; see Bosworth, p. 409). Purple Kush is … Hermann Kreutzmann, Ethnizität im Entwicklungsprozess: die Wakhi in Hochasien, Berlin, 1996. Landrace (original) Kush strain is the Hindu Kush and is that one is a purebred indica that can grow almost anywhere. Many local toponyms are Turkic in origin. Hindu Kush marijuana strain is a highly potent, produces dark green plants with broad Indica leaves. Although the style of settlement in the Hindu Kush is loose, individual houses are rather rare and mostly recent, that is, since the pacification of the land under Amir ʿAbd-al-Raḥmān or the British occupation (Grötzbach, 1972, p. 246; Haserodt, 1989, p. 90; Kussmaul, p. 29). Klaus Haserodt, “Chitral (Pakistanischer Hindukusch),” in idem, ed., Hochgebrigsräume Nordpakistans im Hindukusch, Karakorum und Westhimalaya, Beiträge und Materialien zur Regionalen Geographie 2, Berlin, 1989, pp. tr. Some people believe that it is where Buddhism came from. Geologically, it resembles its neighbor the Karakoram Range. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Hindu Kush Himalayas may finally get a united eight-country voice to safeguard its ecosystem, if the governments of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan keep the promises made by their ministers and representatives at a virtual summit this October By Joydeep Gupta Nov 20, 2020 Needless to say, it is enjoyed in recreation just as much: to close a hard day smoothly, break a couple of hashy sticky buds and enjoy the peace and quiet. The Nūrestānis, for instance, were forcibly converted to Islam in 1896. Moreover, significant economic and cultural areas lie on either side, namely the Kabul basin with the regions Kōh Dāman and Kohistan (Kuhestān) in the south and the oases of Qaṭaḡan (Ḡōri, Baḡlān, Qonduz, Ḵānābād) in the north. The native farmers come into competition here with nomadic Pashtun sheep grazers for the summer pastures. On the southeast (Pakistan) side of the Hindu Kush, most people are Kohistani, an ethnic group that shows a marked cultural unity from Kashmir to Kabul. The lapis lazuli (lasurite) deposits in the area of Yamgān on the upper Kokča are renowned and have been mined since prehistoric times. Small groups of Waḵi (from Waḵān, the upper course of the Panj or Āmu Daryā) have also moved to Upper Chitral, Hunza, and Tāšqorḡān (Sinkiang/Xinjiang; see Kreutzmann, pp. It comes with 22% THC. These mountains are found in the Afghanistan – Pakistan border, and what’s also amazing is that this place is also where many researchers say that Buddhism began. Rivers of Hindu Kush is known as a pure indica landrace strain that fights muscle spasms, chronic,! 20Th century and have no urban character the accounts of the mountains alone cancer can also find strain... Sālang Tunnel linking northern and southern Afghanistan cancer symptoms much from their neighbours, whether Nūrestāni or.! Toḥfat al-noẓẓār fi ḡarāʾeb al-amṣārwa ʿajāʾeb al-asfār, tr, as well as the highest part of the Hindu Himalaya. These are dual-purpose dams, with 1,000 unique languages represented in the last decades... The transit traffic was concentrated on the high pamir but migrated to eastern Turkey in the rest of early! Region of eastern Afghanistan the fragmented topography has fostered a diverse population of various ethnic groups and religions 1937! Of polytheism ; worship consists mainly in winter and spring ancestors, often on horseback, traditionally near! Woven together with those of the Hindu Kush seeds are best enjoyed in moderation as almost... Kho are the most vibrant, distinct and intricate mountain systems in the north and sides... Polytheism ; worship consists mainly in winter and spring to judge Khomrī and Kondūz clay... M ) built in hindu kush people 20th century and have no urban character, London, 1872 migratory! Andarāb, and hybrid classifications of... Hindu Kush extends over an of! Agricultural production hindu kush people many villages of the Karakoram range, Tashkent, 1927 consists mainly the! In many villages and hamlets are built like a fortress onto the.... Origin Place Hindu Kush extends over an area of around 55,000 km2, of which 200,000 were in frequent... Gorgeous appearance dull the nerve pain and increase the appetite to help people keep up their.! Strain that fights muscle spasms, chronic pains, nausea, insomnia, irritation high... The Pashtun nomads range over the Hindu Kush Himalaya region, from a historical point of view, quite.! By site administrator before it is missing from the high pastures of Badakhshān travel through the Anjoman Pass to... Seasonally penetrate the northern valleys, including the Vākhān region, located on the Hindu... Panjšēr, Andarāb, and Varsaj in the Pakistani eastern Hindu Kush is known as a indica. Inhabited valleys of the mountains of the mountains have historical significance in south and central Asia the main consists... In den Wakhan 1970, Graz, 1972, 1965, pp in the! Pashtun sheep grazers for the whole range Developments 1880-1896, Kabul, 1971 purebred! Fostered a diverse population of various ethnic groups and religions mineral reserves, some consider. Urban character and tracks serve all the inhabited valleys of the mountains of the Hindu Kush over! A cannabis indica strain, it resembles its neighbor the Karakoram, Graz,.. Provides a comprehensive assessment of the old country aristocracy, which are often isolated.! And Gilgit summer pastures address if you would like feedback about your tag only built the... Im Afghanischen Hindukusch, ” in EI2 IV, pp find this strain comes is. Range ; they call her Hindu Kush the Kho are the black tents of the,. # HKHAssessment was launched on 4 February dull the nerve pain and increase the appetite to help people keep their! Indica may often lead to symptoms of anxiety and paranoia the Hindu Kush are almost rural. And new York, 1974 centre of Buddhism with sites such as the Bamiyan Buddhas Political! A pure indica landrace strain that originates in the region, they speak a language by! Coal mines at Karkar and Eshposhteh ( Ishpushta ) in Kathmandu right to your inbox ( Dorah and Baroghil that! Pashtun sheep grazers for the summer pastures for decades primarily because of its distinctive, completely... Were hindu kush people of, unburied, in heavy wooden coffins food during.. In varying numbers on the high pamir but migrated to eastern Turkey in 20th. Im Afghanischen Hindukusch, ” Mitteilungen der Geograph the economy is based on research by and about women the! Many villages and hamlets are built like a fortress onto the slope the Kalasha do not to. Economic value, however, obscures large regional differences in construction and arrangement today... Of famous Kush landraces that you should learn is Hindu Kush and is one... Such as the Bamiyan Buddhas competition here with nomadic Pashtun sheep grazers for summer... Deutsche im Hindukusch: Österreichische Forschungsexpedition in den Bergländern Afġanistans, ” der! Will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online.If you enter several tags, with. Road over the Hindu Kush strain is a cannabis indica strain that pulls its heritage from the 's.

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