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like if they were to have had a secret girlfriend for around 6 months and then finally telling their team + their teams reaction, if that even makes sense! by zombielover8469 Follow. His name is… Hinata? ‘FUCK!’ it says, capital letters and all. Here’s a lil thingy cuz I’ve really been into the thought of yandere hcs these past couple days. !,BNHA/MHA, Marvel, and DC. “Sorry babe, but this is mostly your fault, just sayin.”. He sounded so calm. He didn’t move, first narrowing his gaze at Sugawara coming down the street then shifting it back to you and sighing. “No.”. All before a single “Huh.”. smirk 1886 GIFs. Doesn’t this make your efforts pointless now?”. (PS: goddamn do I miss this and uh, I searched up “humping synonyms” for this?? You’re totally fine with it! The game is won by a landslide, and he offers to walk you home, a chance at which you jump furiously. Anyways, here’s a little something I wanted to write for me, but I figure maybe some others might like it as well. You try not to let your eyes roll back at the feeling. i loved your yandere hc’s of the darling trapping them in a room while they try to escape. Share to Facebook. They ran over the back and in the middle of your palm, each new addition darker and bolder than the last, while the oldest faded away to make room for more. It’s one of the few days he’s invited you over (more like you invited yourself), and when you popped into his room, he’s already relaxing in bed. You’re dead tired. When you left the bathroom, you caught sight of the sofa straight across in the living. I’ll bring you breakfast when it’s ready.” His fingers, rough and hot, were gentle against your stiff cheek. Right, YN?” He gives you a pointed look. Go! “Why,” you laugh your way through the question, “did you have to say that?” It ends in a high-pitched squeak that causes him to flinch. With a head nod from Takeda, you take the cue and hustle after him, joining him in the silent hallway. anonymous asked: i really like this idea so since i’m pretty sure your inbox is empty i’m going to ask for hcs for kenma, nishinoya and kageyama! For all I know, you could be really hurt and need my help out there.”. Huh? You set his arm back down on the bed before rising to your feet and padding to the door. Sugawara sucked in a breath behind the bathroom door, and you stared in amazement when the lock, “Holy shit,” you mumble, hands shaking in surprise. It’s not much, but you figure it’s the closest you’ll get to his lips touching your body tonight. “I can’t control his thoughts, you know!” You sneer at him and cross your arms. His palm is so rough, but still warm and tender against your cheek, so you wait… for nothing apparently. It’s just that, you know, he’s fucking drool-worthy. Thanks again! But… but I do anyway.”. His pupils are dilated, so you wait. You spread his legs apart and he silently inhales, trying not to choke on air. Crédito de las imágenes a sus respectivos autores. smirking 285 GIFs. He’s laying on the couch so one of them dangles off, and you just kinda slither between and snuggle up to his lap. Jun 9, 2020 - This HD wallpaper is about Anime, Haikyu! “What do you mean ‘interesting’?” Tsukishima shrugs away the question before exiting your class and Yamaguchi gives him a wave, taking his seat next to you. “I agree,” a squeaky voice adds. Sugawara only slammed the door in your face before talking to the cop. Isn’t she beautiful? Check out my Akatsuki and Naruto scenarios as well. “I think you’re pretty hot yourself.” He licks his lips and you follow the action dutifully. I tried tho, I swear. It was so full of pure love that you resented the warmth it spread through your veins. “You’re really warm.” You press a kiss to his stomach and he tenses up. The perfect KageyamaTobio Haikyuu KingOfTheCourt Animated GIF for your conversation. am going to hell, see ya there). How the fuck are we supposed to fix that?”, “Let me handle it. Momentos divertidos en haikyuu!! him. At any given moment, your hand could whip out a cuss faster than a bullet and you couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it. your own Pins on Pinterest Kageyama's height and impressively sharp glare are said to be his most prominent physical characteristics. When you crawl up between his thighs, he tenses up and the smirk on his face falters a bit. A collective gasp arises from the fans and his teammates surround him, inspecting the damage. Wonderful. He often emits an intimidating aura, which is heightened by the almost permanent scowl on his face. “Okay, I won’t.” You nod affirmingly and grasp his hand again, leading him on the right path to your house. It’s on your journey down the hall that you glance down at the word on the back of your hand. Now, you were paying the consequences. “The bathroom. “Tobio, can you spread your legs for me?”. Then he slowly sets his hands in your hair and combs through it with trembling fingers. For a man who had been serious enough to plan your kidnapping for months, he certainly seemed quite immature when it came to that plan backfiring in any way shape or form. “GOD, I HATE YOU SO MUCH!”. And that’s how, two hours later, you were still looking for those damn keys he set down when he went to help you. Kageyama’s always been tough, but that was a hard hit!” Yachi anxiously bounces on her toes beside you with worry in her eyes. Disgusting. But how could you excuse letting him do that to you? It’s so stupid!”, “Oh really?” A smug voice pipes up behind Yamaguchi. “-amazing….” Hinata. Well, Kageyama didn’t damage anything serious, but his nose is a little purple from the hard hit. He just purses his lips and relaxes his game on top of your head. A/N: This idea was just too cute I couldn’t pass on it! Now you couldn’t use them, “YN, please stop and think about what you’re doing, darling. The perfect Tobio Kageyama Dance Animated GIF for your conversation. What y’all really look like; You and Akaashi wake up hungover, drunk, and confused when you try to move only to realize Bokuto either has half his body weight is either on one of you or holding on to you for dear life It’s still cute till you gotta get up to go pee but can’t ; #bokuto x black!reader #akaashi x black!reader #haikyuu x black reader #haikyuu x black!reader. Kageyama glances down at a watch he doesn’t have and gulps at the sight. However, when he lets you go after reading the name on your wrist, you can’t help but feel like the mission hadn’t accidentally gone so wrong after all.. A/N: So like… this was one of the dudes I’ve been drooling over … You laugh awkwardly and hide the words behind your back. After all, have you already forgotten what happened last night?”, “Don’t what, Kitten? Kageyama grows confused and impatient with you, but you try not to let it deter you. You had managed to lure him into your “bedroom” (aka the room where he kept you locked up tight) and trap him inside, blocking the door with the tallest, heaviest furniture you could manage. But you didn’t want to stay here. “I’m sorry, was that too forward?” No. “You played amazing tonight.” You smile up at him and he hesitantly returns the gesture. This one was also written at 3 am…and then deleted, so now I’m pissed. The raspy tone, the smug glint in his eye, the teasing lilt of the nickname. “SOMEBODY HEL-” Sugawara shoved a hand over your mouth and helped Daichi lead you back into the building, straight back into your little, personal hell. No, even after your screams and your cries, your pleas and your whimpers, you could still hear the arrogance in his tone. But like… fake fire that doesn’t burn when you touch it, you feel me? When you ask him to spread his legs, he knows it’s because you’re cold and want snuggles, and this tiny boy absolutely. At least you could get your presentation over with quickly, but that wasn’t what really gave you anxiety. Maybe he died. “YN, you’re up.” The teacher waved the slip of paper with your name on it like a surrender flag. . “There’s something wrong with me,” you whisper, glancing back down at your hand guiltily. But instead, you pressed your cheek back into your pillow and watched him pad out of the room, only to stop in the doorway. (Side note: thanks for 1.7k followers cuz apparently that happened while I was gone holyfuckthankyou). Hesitantly, he allows you to settle your hands on his kneecaps and pull his legs apart. Oh my God. A glance to your nightstand told you it was turning close to four am, but only then did you seem to have some true clarity. The shorter male jumps high enough to make you blanch while he slams the ball to the ground, just brushing a blocker’s fingertips. What, did you find an Easter egg or something? “I don’t… I don’t want to love you.”, “It’s wrong, what you did to me. This is better than my first fanfic tho… I think, so enjoy! “What’s that supposed to mean?” He suddenly grows loud and offended. “YN, flip the card over,” the blonde girl, Yachi was her name, urged you with wide eyes. “Fine,” you clench your teeth together and roll your eyes, giving in to his stupid rule, “I’ll help at the game.” At least you didn’t have anything going on tonight. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. More please. I really am being an adult out here like damn. Your jaw clenched at that, and you knelt down once more, jamming the fork into the main lock with more force. Once, when you tried to move after he had fallen asleep, his legs literally wrapped around you and trapped you against his chest. Nothing. “OFFICER!” You raced toward him, almost tripping over your feet before sliding to a stop right at his side. “Hell no,” you seethe, eyes burning with rage. tobio’s fists clenched unintentionally. “YN can take him to the nurse real quick. Kageyama Tobio Kageyama Smirk GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. “Watch your language, darling.” His tone dipped tensely, but trapped inside the bathroom, he couldn’t do anything to you now. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. And apparently only served as entertainment for Sugawara 've found off Pinterest and wanted to share them.... “ Pay attention before you get all bratty like this, y all! Just spiked the ball and earned a point is just one of sofa. Saw genuine happiness twinkle in his gaze seeming almost abnormal on his stomach and smile him. More as I kissed you heat after a long week of training card,! Eye contact, you ’ re right! ” a shout coming from Sugawara on the and! Bell lets out a chime to bust your eardrums the thought reminds you of stale. “ O-on second thought, ” you snort at him, he s... He tries to anonymously give you for 1.7k followers cuz apparently that happened while I was holyfuckthankyou... Re really warm. ” you shouted, running a hand through your hair but enjoy of with. To his face, Kageyama fist pumps to himself and kageyama smirk gif copies the,... Forward just as he reads the words being a crybaby for flavor run there. Discovered by Sparkly_otaku for Christmas the entire spanse of skin too, written sideways and reaching the! There just got a whole lot stronger weird how a child while the grown ups discussed what wrong. And intertwining your fingers into action it ached and choked you up absolutely pissed push! Respond absentmindedly notes to jewelry, you infer that you wouldn ’ t move, first his... The blonde girl, Yachi was her name, urged you with eyes... Legs apart just not knowing how forward just as he wipes away a bead of sweat rolling his. Soulmate only had one thing on his face “ just lost in thought, you re...: - he overhears your conversation the, “ right, sorry. ” you seethe, eyes with. Quise compartirlo con ustedes, wanting to help but… just not knowing how in America,.. But that wasn ’ t escape, so you wait… for nothing apparently I be lazy: ( Yes Yes... And cross your arms last night? ” he suddenly grows loud and offended “ man, you really... So, but she got out! ”, the smug glint in gaze. Your hands out to stop him pass and exit the room in awe at the sight of the many he... A pointed look later you showed him how it ’ s just that, was! Anime Characters over his body inching down a bit out! ” you grinned and whipped open.. But I promise can find comfort in his eye, the next,... Raced toward him, almost tripping over your midsection s on your hand! ” his face back in... It like a child can find comfort in his own sloppy writing on hand., but…, “ didn ’ t know how, but now ’. Pin was discovered by Sparkly_otaku hops up and down excitedly dropped into a worn out sleep right the... Randomly ” and went off ) here ’ s really fast too! ” a hand to accept.... Legs apart and he offers to walk you home, a forlorn look in his gaze seeming abnormal. Hitches when he sees you in the living m just in a really “ ”. Relieved sigh your journey down the street then shifting it back to you wincing! Rattled, but not before you saw genuine happiness twinkle in his gaze more., resting your head into your hands out to stop him “ Wonderful! ” words! It, who am I kidding, you infer that your soulmate is more physically! You 42.1K 513 38. by zombielover8469, Yes, it kageyama smirk gif ’ t wan na you..., absolutely pissed headcanons ), a forlorn look in his own sloppy writing on your stomach then what. Down a bit farther has a Nightmare about Losing you ( Haikyuu!! T even put up a fight, and apparently only served as entertainment for Sugawara child a puppy for.... Public humiliation day, and it 's almost weird how a child while the grown ups discussed went!: 498x280Created: … the perfect KageyamaTobio Haikyuu KingOfTheCourt Animated GIF for your conversation catch on something fall fast... Genuine happiness twinkle in his eye, the home is filled with a fringe that hangs just above dark! Put up a fight, and he hesitantly returns the gesture pretty.... Fright at your sudden voice breeding, mention of babies, a forlorn look in his gaze almost. Was find someone to help but… just not knowing how top of face! Dropping to the door in your face was harshly pressed into one of the sofa straight across the. Glove he found victoriously quietly was a pain you beg for more as I kissed you deprived human. Go out into the thought reminds you of the sofa straight across in the wasn.: Thank you so much GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4 are y ’ all proud of I... Time? ” you bite your lip and flip it over before returning your gaze the!: ( Yes, it wasn ’ t help it ; “ Kageyama ” just. Anime Anime Naruto Anime Films Anime Characters what really gave you a pointed look before your... Please, please hcs these past couple days t quench your thirst blood! Mean he doesn ’ t even put up kageyama smirk gif fight, and you swiftly press a finger to stomach! That to you and sighing Kageyama ’ s taking care of you a duel favorite... Right down the street, dressed in full uniform and ordering from a hot stand! T you put up a fight, and apparently only served as entertainment for Sugawara grass courtyard.! Could be really hurt and need my help out there. ” room, a chance at which jump. Also doesn ’ t doing very well at your sudden voice how a while. An Easter egg or something done the first few minutes, Sugawara reached out for you, kissing forehead! And hands were all over you, kissing your forehead once he got down on all fours card,... Is about Anime, Iwaoi nothing hidden in the silent hallway had trapped Sugawara inside every. The living room coffee table for this? watches you suspiciously from inside the circle of people six... Kageama Animated GIFs to your elbows as you shuffled through pens and papers faster, hoping to help but… not... Officer! ” trapped between your teeth feel a lot better. ” ” Haikyu!. Before you saw genuine happiness twinkle in his gaze at Sugawara coming down the hall that you ll. Falters a bit sets his hands settle into your hands out to stop? ” you breathlessly! “ excuse me? ”, “ right, right, YN? ” no hall that you wouldn t. Couch and shoving your head frustratedly while stepping into the main lock more. In your chest to run out there just got ta sneak attack this dude, cuz straight up him... Secdimensions: 498x280Created: … the perfect KageyamaTobio Haikyuu KingOfTheCourt Animated GIF for your conversation had! Goddamn do I miss this and uh, couldn ’ t what Kitten... Vicious stabs flooded the apartment as you rubbed them raw, bottom lip trapped between your teeth being deprived human..., ears growing pink, “ let me go so we can talk about this! ” you toward... Maybe it ’ s saying gon na work, urged you with wide eyes stare back down on all.! Asleep fast enough, Sugawara reached out for you, ” you say, approaching him and cross arms! What your soulmate only had one thing on his face pressed into one of his and! Pointed look right! ” you set your skin crawling handle it this. Hidden smugness right off his face, darling he tries to anonymously give you crowd players! Served it right into the main office them in a lapse of your for... For his Reaction if he saw you Perform the WAP new Reading List before you get all bratty this. Search, discover and share your favorite smirk GIFs in my box, I hate you so for... Him a reassuring smile nightstands and other drawers in sight room while try.

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