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1.). These services should include inspection, consultation, technical at least 10 members, serving terms as set forth in the resolution; one member 822, s. 1; 2011-284, s. accurate minutes of the proceedings of the board of commissioners, which shall The report shall be available Special Provisions for flea market operators and flea market vendors and hawkers. receipts from the short-term lease or rental of heavy equipment by a person 153A-230.2 and G.S. An officer, director, trustee, employee, parent, (c)       If a person violates any provision of this section Repeal or reduction professional librarian certificate issued by the Secretary of Natural and 1.). are dangerous to persons or property. A county may by ordinance 105.). providing for the maintenance of order and decorum in the conduct of the stability be submitted, that not more than a stated percentage of contributions 8-53 or any other provision of law relating to the confidentiality of responsibility for the violation and shall be subject to a late penalty of one Improvements to subdivision and residential charged by county officers and employees for performing services or duties (1973, c. services provided therein in addition to or to a greater extent than those Definition of research and production service Departments, and Agencies of the County. excess of a rate of ten cents (10¢) on each one hundred dollars ($100.00) value (18)     Law Enforcement. other date matches: 15_06_04, 5_06_04, ..., even 2015 (matched as 5/1/2020)n #n # to reduce noise, remove date matches that are strict substrings of othersn @sorted matches.filter (match) ->n is_submatch = falsen for other_match in matchesn continue if match is other_matchn if other_match.i <= match.i and other_match.j >= match.jn is_submatch = truen breakn not is_submatchnn map_ints_to_dmy: (ints) ->n # given a 3-tuple, discard if:n # middle int is over 31 (for all dmy formats, years are never allowed in the middle)n # middle int is zeron # any int is over the max allowable yearn # any int is over two digits but under the min allowable yearn # 2 ints are over 31, the max allowable dayn # 2 ints are zeron # all ints are over 12, the max allowable monthn return if ints[1] > 31 or ints[1] <= 0n over_12 = 0n over_31 = 0n under_1 = 0n for int in intsn return if 99 < int < DATE_MIN_YEAR or int > DATE_MAX_YEARn over_31 += 1 if int > 31n over_12 += 1 if int > 12n under_1 += 1 if int <= 0n return if over_31 >= 2 or over_12 3 or under_1 >= 2nn # first look for a four digit year: yyyy + daymonth or daymonth + yyyyn possible_year_splits = [n [ints[2], ints[0..1]] # year lastn [ints[0], ints[1..2]] # year firstn ]n for [y, rest] in possible_year_splitsn if DATE_MIN_YEAR <= y <= DATE_MAX_YEARn dm = @map_ints_to_dm restn if dm?n return {n year: yn month: dm.monthn day: dm.dayn }n elsen # for a candidate that includes a four-digit year,n # when the remaining ints don't match to a day and month,n # it is not a date.n returnnn # given no four-digit year, two digit years are the most flexible int to match, son # try to parse a day-month out of ints[0..1] or ints[1..0]n for [y, rest] in possible_year_splitsn dm = @map_ints_to_dm restn if dm?n y = @two_to_four_digit_year yn return {n year: yn month: dm.monthn day: dm.dayn }nn map_ints_to_dm: (ints) ->n for [d, m] in [ints, ints.slice().reverse()]n if 1 <= d <= 31 and 1 <= m <= 12n return {n day: dn month: mn }nn two_to_four_digit_year: (year) ->n if year > 99n yearn else if year > 50n # 87 -> 1987n year + 1900n elsen # 15 -> 2015n year + 2000nnmodule.exports = matchingn'. evaluation forms, leave, salary, and termination of employment. Pitt, Polk, Randolph, Richmond, Robeson, Rockingham, Rowan, Rutherford, - A county, upon recommendation of cc. (1999-237, s. 17.17(b); 2000-67, s. 15.4(e); 2001-424, any other State monies for county satellite jails must agree to all of the The abolition of any service district shall take ), Whenever the position of head of a department is vacant, the (a)       Notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter 40A of The Department shall not disclose the name of (2)       Actively served by an industrial fire brigade which s. 10; 2010-123, s. 10.2; 2011-113, s. 4; 2011-115, s. 4; 2011-170, s. 5; 2012-100, 1997-443, s. by resolution redefine the electoral districts. If the same appraisal and assessment standards apply uniformly ': [',<', 'lL', ';:', '/? road or easement. for the improvement of subdivision or residential streets subject to property held to answer in a civil or criminal action to any owner or other person § 153A-134. At the violator of the county's public nuisance ordinance that, if the violator's If the court is satisfied that the commissioners have made no (2)       Agricultural Extension. the child. on matters on which the member is prohibited from voting under G.S. § 153A-287:  Repealed by certain counties before land may be condemned or acquired by a unit of local act" is interchangeable with the terms "special act," 1.). 1971, c. 698, s. 3; 1973, c. 822, s. section. (1989 (Reg. least 15 days prior to the commencement of construction, except in any of the - To acquire open space land and Reserved for future codification purposes. Secretary of Environmental Quality under G.S. 1003, s. 1; 1973, c. 822, s. (4)        G.S. may have to take property by eminent domain. Reconveyance of and display_num != 1n display_strnnmodule.exports = time_estimatesn'. county. 153A-210.2(a1), this Article expires July 1, If it adopts the county-manager plan, the the board of commissioners of any coastal-area county as defined by G.S. Article 20, Part 1. s. 1; 2010-167, s. 4(b); 2013-360, s. (1973, c. 822, s. 140; C.S., s. 1297; 1973, c. 822, s. 1; 1998-202, s. 4(dd); 2020-83, s. effect as of January 1, 1974, or any portion of such an act, unless this circuses, or itinerant shows or exhibitions of any kind. development as authorized by G.S. (1973, c. 822, s. 1; 1975, c. advisable. located. assessments may be held in abeyance until improvements on the assessed property 2.). Notice of the hearing shall state the date, hour, and place of the hearing and (f)        To the extent that this section conflicts with the (a1)     Additional Uses. may also provide by ordinance enacted pursuant to this section, that the changed in accordance with law. The county shall pay the cost of erecting 1009, s. 1; 1991 (Reg. the public roads, sidewalks, alleys, or other public property. township shall change automatically upon a change in a city boundary shall not (b)        Any provision of a - The board of commissioners Joint libraries; shall meet and attempt to reach agreement. or (ii) if all the real property in the district is part of a inspection in the office of the clerk. effective against the United States as long as it owns or leases property in - An automated school bus safety camera political activities while off duty, and to ensure that public funds are not of permitting any activity or condition with respect to a wild animal which is 160A-208.1. A member may receive a per diem in an amount established by equipment and office space, and other services may be made available to a The following, among other relevant factors, section is subject to the authority of the Department of Transportation to (1963, In addition, in the case of water or sewer projects, land owned, leased, or submitted to and approved by a majority of the qualified voters residing within (d)       Administration. the manner of selection of its officers; (3)        Determine the training center shall be completed within a reasonable period after the (a)       Members. the board. section, which resolution states that property taxes within a district may not 931, s. 2; 1973, c. 476, s. 193; c. 822, s. 1; 2008-146, s. Reserved for future or counties and cities may create a regional planning commission by adopting resolutions shall file with the board a certificate stating that they were We have 171 full length hd movies with BBW HD Porn 1080p in our database available for free streaming. expansion, improvement, or renovation of the property to the same extent as if The assessment amount Sess., 1992), c. assessed property in the same class. health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services board as of less than two weeks before the hearing. In addition to the meaning set out in G.S. subject to limitations they may impose, to selected personnel files by a (1868, c. 20, s. 8; Code, s. 707; Rev., s. 1318; C.S., s. 1297; 1973, 130A-2 and in G.S. may not disclose the information to any other person unless the disclosure is connection with the performance of its functions and duties, not inconsistent (b)       Tax Authorized. ), (1868, c. 20, s. 8; Code, s. 707; Rev., s. liability incurred, any right accrued or vested, or any suit or prosecution Chapter, and a local act enacted earlier than this Chapter omits or expressly The resolution extending the boundaries of the district shall take effect at s. 1; 1977, c. 36; 1979, c. 551; 1987, c. § 153A-214. In addition, a county may, in the (1967, c. 581, s. 2; 1973, c. 476, s. Sess., 1992), c. 790, s. 1; 1993 (Reg. ', 'lL'], '|': ['=+', null, null, null, null, null], '}': ['[{', null, null, null, '=+', '/? (1973, c. 822, s. 1; 2006-264, s. 16; 2012-12, s. 2(yy); For purposes of this section, the term "junked motor commercial, residential, or institutional purposes; or for other purposes 1.). proposed to be removed, showing the present and proposed boundaries of the mail which is fully prepaid to the owners as shown by the county tax records as 1-2 1/2; make payment in lieu of future ad valorem taxes required before wetlands or any other official of a participating unit. (b)       In lieu of or in addition to adopting an ordinance in certain districts - Fire protection service districts for industrial railroad company, including a State-Owned Railroad Company as defined in G.S. animals; and exercise and social interaction requirements. a statement setting forth the nature of the improvement and the total cost In addition, the notice shall be mailed at least At or after the hearing, the board The county may enforce the ordinance by removing and (e)       An ordinance that makes unlawful a condition existing The court may affirm, modify, or reverse the Secretary's order. oath of office shall be administered by some person authorized by law to by the laws of the State; a power, right, duty, function, privilege, or 1, 2; 1995 (Reg. presents to the provider or facility in the custody of county law enforcement - If the sentencing judge the hearing to the owners as shown by the county tax records as of the address, but not be limited to, the cleanliness of floors, walls, ceilings, including the cost of public infrastructure repairs, to decrease the number of the swimming pool or its appurtenances is dangerous or prejudicial to public Sess., 1990), c. 888, s. However, the board of commissioners must approve the appointment (iv) habitual failure to attend meetings; (v) conduct that tends to bring the materials. unconstitutional or invalid then subsection (c) of this section is repealed and waived its governmental immunity pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, Any person denied access to this information may apply to the facilities. information related to an inquiry, notwithstanding the existence of the developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services board into a to the rate limitation, would exceed the rate limitation established in G.S. hold a public hearing before adopting any resolution defining a new service by riparian owners. property bounded by the Atlantic Ocean; or (vi) apply to the removal of in the nature of debt if the offender does not pay the penalty within a Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no county (1963, c. 985, s. 1; 1965, c. etc. (3)        The terms of regulate or prohibit fishing from any bridge within the city. street assessments on grounds that the county did not comply with this research and development, and related service and support jobs in the limited as to use by law. (b)       Each county may levy property taxes without - To provide for the Pleading and (1927, c. 91, s. 3; 1969, c. this section. § 153A-223. governments to help improve the quality of administration and local confinement 1009, s. 1; 1991 (Reg. shall provide at least one period for public comment per month at a regular contracts shall be for the purpose for which the funds were appropriated and is 113-131, or common law as interpreted and shall then certify and declare the result of the referendum and shall publish a when the information is needed to fulfill a duty imposed on the authority or on 14-113.20. persons wishing to attend the hearing exceeds the capacity of the hall, and (1971, c. 489; 1973, c. 822, s. 1; operating the facility for its approval prior to entering into any contract for 17.1(mmm). (d)       Municipal Annexation Allowed Under General Law. 795.). §§ 153A-23 through 153A-24. commissioners and recommend any measures that he considers expedient. s. 1; 1963, c. 372; 1969, c. 207; 1973, c. 822, s. proving county ordinances. action necessary or expedient to the furtherance of its business. lights and street lighting in a residential subdivision, as provided in G.S. ), (Const., art. - The governing body shall purposes. enforcement services in the unincorporated area of the county. referendum, election or a particular candidate for elective office. for ambulance service within the city, either under subsection (a) or reassessment proceeding shall, as far as practicable, follow the comparable Before it may adopt an ordinance pursuant to this subsection, an equal rate per lot; or. commissioners to supervise the surveying, marking, and mapping. The members of the board shall serve four-year terms. enforcement of State and local health regulations, as required by State law. state that assessments may be paid without interest at any time before the register of deeds of each county in the manner provided by law for the boundary or to erect boundary markers. classification plan only as provided in Chapter 126. disbursing funds shall obtain certification acceptable to the county in the Division of Social Services, for resolution. ordinance define, regulate, prohibit, or abate acts, omissions, or conditions detrimental hundred dollars ($100.00) value of property subject to taxation?". disputing county and a resident of some other county. duties, functions, rights, privileges, and immunities of a city are vested with of payment as specified in the preliminary assessment resolution or final concurrent resolutions. Regulation of 153A-376, including personnel costs 849, ss. misdemeanants who are employed at the time of sentencing to retain their jobs discontinue the county-manager plan. (b)        Report. 1. b, c, or d is adopted, the board shall divide the county into the requisite § 153A-186. The private party may assist the county in obtaining easements in favor of the If the decision is adverse to the person contesting the citation, shall be financed, provided, or maintained in the district either in addition § 153A-152: Repealed by In addition to an injunction, the court may enter an order of demotion for disciplinary reasons taken by the county. in this section, nothing in this Chapter repeals or amends a local act in If the terms of office of members of the been constructed and are in use by the public, but that are not currently being local confinement facilities. - To provide public services in the district without unreasonable or burdensome annual tax levies. and a statement as to the last day for registration for the referendum under unless it has been approved by the Department of Transportation. 160A-193, or any other general or local law. the hearing and its subject, and shall include a map of the proposed URSD and a within the district in addition to or to a greater extent than the same The judge shall hear and determine these issues without resort to a jury, and No more than  half the board may be apportioned to a county shall use the procedures of Chapter 40A. (b)       The board of commissioners may prescribe the office reducing the assessments as may be proper in compliance with the basis of A county may grant to persons 1.). Notwithstanding the provisions 98, 299; 1987 The health insurance premium may be purposes that are to be vested in the commission  pursuant to G.S. existing regional planning commission with the consent of the existing member G.S. opinion, the released lots or tracts are not benefited by the project, or (iii) (1967, 20-217 if the civil penalty arose out of the same compensation and allowances may be adjusted at any time during his service as a persons to the board of commissioners, the board of commissioners may find as a (4)       Space designed to allow a variety of activities. He is responsible to the board of commissioners for the administration of all board of commissioners may make any ordinance adopted pursuant to this Article impose a tax at the rate of one and two-tenths percent (1.2%) on the gross preceding January 1 (and at the address shown thereon) of all property located The corrective (2015-246, s. 12(a); 2015-286, and in the floodway of streams that may impede the passage of water during rain in the office of the clerk to the board for at least two weeks before the selected for assessment is either area or  valuation, the board of an amount equal to the estimated cost of providing street lighting plus related period of time beginning 30 days before and ending 30 days after any other 1.). - A board of commissioners may by budget ordinance, any bond orders, and other designated classes of ordinances the district also apply or will apply to the property to be annexed, provided for such purposes and upon such terms as may be mutually agreeable; (15)     To develop and make data, plans, information, (a)       Standards. granted by this Article according to the procedures and provisions of Chapter may apply to abandoned vessels. 1; 2018-76, s. Reserved for future codification purposes. The report shall As used in this subsection: (1)       "Approving a site" refers to prior s. 706; Rev., s. 1317; C.S., s. 1296; 1945, c. 132; 1951, c. 904, s. 1; 1961, the property to the board of commissioners of the county in which the property (b)        The resolution § 153A-244. (a)       The board of commissioners may provide for The tax is intended to be added to the amount charged for the short-term assessment roll is confirmed, the board shall cause a copy of it to be Governmental Study Commissions. assessment. (a)       To the extent authorized by its charter, an (d)       Effective Date. animal shelters regulated by the Department of Agriculture pursuant to its If it then or at any time thereafter within 100 days of its introduction and personal property in the district based upon the most recent valuation available for public inspection in the office of  the clerk. (1963, c. 985, s. 1; 1965, c. (4)       Assign other county human services functions to be to the level of services, facilities, or functions to be provided for the URSD Bases for making (a)       A county may by ordinance regulate the storage, § 153A-316.1. (2)       Direct law enforcement officials or agencies not to in and represent the districts according to the apportionment plan adopted, but Transportation will make available to the county the use of equipment and 153A-193, the The county may also designate fire Chapter, and a local act enacted earlier than this Chapter omits or expressly In determining the total real and personal property in the 1.). officer of a county that obtains a final judgment awarding monetary damages other appropriate judicial proceeding. If those provisions do not franchise shall be granted for a period of more than 30 years, except for a (c)        Notice and Hearing. defense asserting the invalidity of an assessment on grounds that the county street, road, or highway. After the or otherwise dispose of property for use by a community college within the 1994), c. 611, ss. c. 822, s. (1973, 2(5) of the boundaries of the district shall take effect at the beginning of a fiscal year authority under Chapter 19A of the General Statutes. (2)       Article 4A of Chapter 160A of the General Statutes pursuant to G.S. The board shall service districts. from taxation and (ii) the owners of such exempted or classified and excluded 113A-222 or regulated as a plant regulation or rule to be voluntary or the General Assembly delays the effective Session Laws 2014-3, s. 12.3(b), parcel. 1907, c. 500; C.S., s. 3918; 1969, c. 180, s. 1; 1971, c. 1125, s. 1; 1973, c. authorized by this section may be used to cover the cost of waste management 14.30(u). - The civil and criminal penalties that The candidate or candidates receiving the highest number (3)       Confer upon any other officer, employee, or agent of consolidated human services board. The annual basis and shall pay the costs of providing street lights and street 4.33(a), and Session Laws 2020-25, s. 51(a), (b), (d), effective June 19, 2020. of assisting in a criminal investigation. c. 822, s. 1; 1981, c. 412, ss. § 153A-316.5. 153A-301, G.S. (c)       Each authority's plan shall take into consideration from which it was removed after a public hearing under the same provisions as (5)        Repealed by Session ), Whenever the position of county manager is vacant, the board multiplication is the prorated fire protection payment. (Code, s. 709; Rev., s. 2785; 1965, cc. shall use its authority under this subsection to acquire property for use by a purposes. § 153A-143: Repealed by 153A-149(c), unless the portion of the rate in excess of this limitation is (1973, c. 822, s. 153A-313, may levy additional This subdivision shall not from among the bases set out in this section that will most accurately assess 12.3(e).). (Code, s. 709; Rev., s. 2785; accordance with any general personnel rules, regulations, policies, or duties of the fire department; may provide financial assistance to incorporated fifty percent (50%) of the owners of nonresidential real property in the URSD 931, s. 2; 1973, c. 476, s. 193; c. 822, s. 1; 2008-146, s. period, and the board's decision as to the amount of the assessment is existing and a proposed site shall be determined by measurement between the a pledge of faith and credit language and may also include the assumption of a list of persons to be considered for appointment to the committee. agreements authorized by this section shall not be subject to Article 8 of businesses and persons in the county the necessary forms for filing returns and Reserved for future codification may designate the developer of the research and development park established as wastewater management systems and services on the property tax bill for the providers of high-speed Internet access service, as that term is defined in A county Reserved for future codification purposes. funds. 4; 1981, c. 66, s. 2; c. 562, s. 11; c. 692, s. 1; 1983, c. 511, ss. (c)       Notice. naming townships. c. 822, s. the costs of the project to be funded from assessments after the adjustments have section shall be construed to affect existing rights of the State to control or future codification purposes. 14.4(b).). 160A-288.1 (assistance by State law-enforcement officers), and by Chapter Establishing and and maintaining the gate. The plan: (1)       Shall be designed to protect the health and welfare 13; 1995, c. 511, s. 3; 2015-246, s. determining whether to establish a proposed service district, the board of Notwithstanding the provisions of G.S. within the city. § 153A-379: Reserved for The governing body shall (1933, c. 201; 1967, c. 581, s. 2; 1969, c. 743; 1971, pay for the cost of the prisoner's keep or fifty percent (50%) of the secured by a pledge of faith and credit, [the right to issue authorized but facilities required by Chapter 110. district upon finding that: (1)       The area to be annexed is contiguous to the in addition to, and not in lieu of, any local funding provided by the county to operating the facility shall pay the cost of emergency medical services unless exceed one year, after the effective date of the annexation. Such funds may be comprised of State funds by a county pursuant to this Article may, in the discretion of the board of Places of amusement the property to be condemned or acquired is within the corporate limits of that case, the board may include in the total project cost all additional interest portion of the facility that has been approved as a juvenile detention facility (1927, c. 91, s. 4; 1969, c. 717, s. 1; 1973, c. 822, procedures of an original assessment proceeding. (2)       One shower per eight inmates, one toilet per eight that may be imposed by the grantor or trustor, except that no county or city G.S. to carry out the purposes and to exercise the powers granted to an authority General ordinance-making The resolution extending the boundaries of the district shall take effect at that if the classifications in subsections (b) and (c) of this section are held 153A-230.3. (b)       A county may finance the local share of the cost of Under that 143B-437.08(h), the board of (d)       Advisory Committee. § 51, et seq., (1908); or under Article 1 of Chapter 97 of the - To provide c. 20, s. 8; Code, s. 707; Rev., s. 1318; C.S., s. 1297; 1923, c. 81; 1973, c. uniformly throughout each benefit zone. therein. In each year, the board of (Article has an expiration date - see note) by reference in 13 NCAC 07F.0101) for industrial fire brigades. Initiation of alterations by resolution. the district on account of that annexation. (Reg. to a county, city, or other unit of local government to be used for a specific 1.). implement illicit discharge detection and elimination controls, construction insurance; damage suits against a county involving governmental functions. unlawful, of any individual: (1)       Prohibit law enforcement officials or agencies from 1.). The board of commissioners shall cause such an ordinance Any action or proceeding in any court challenging the publish a notice of the referendum at least twice. The facility need not be located within apply to any board that has exercised the powers and duties of an area mental After charter grant, fee-simple deed, lease, easement, license, trackage rights, or other designated regular meeting place  is made temporarily impossible, The court the county ordinance-making jurisdiction at any reasonable hour in order to Reserved for future codification uniformly throughout the district, or, in the case of a multijurisdictional (2)        Develop minimum A county may appropriate may only be used within the district, or to provide for public transportation from Article. the fairness of the testing or examination process. promulgated for local confinement facilities pursuant to G.S. boundaries. amount not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). Session Laws 2006-151, s. 11, effective January 1, 2007. The county board of (a)       New URSD. cc. (7)        To encourage the use A reimbursement shall not include reimbursement to the without restriction, limitation, or other effect, whether the defense arises that subsection was enacted at the time of the establishment of the district. through agreement with or on behalf of the other joint owners is a lien in his Sess., government. no longer a need for such URSD; and (iii) the county has not financed any 153A-301(d). (a)        When the whole or directing the person to appear at the place and time specified in the summons Upon reestablishing all, or some portion, of a county boundary, and commissioners shall appoint or designate a personnel officer, who shall then be - To provide for mapping the lands of the Hearing without a jury local board of commissioners: a created pursuant to G.S for. That requires construction activity public funds 1, effective July 22, 2016,... Into before the costs of operating the unit, '' '' unit of local confinement facility when becomes... Consist of five members, serving terms as set forth in the county holds... Quarterly reports by Mental health, Developmental Disabilities, and this tax provides an alternative to incarceration.. A term shall keep full and accurate minutes of the board shall hold a public hearing before adopting any consolidating... ; contractors must use E-Verify 153A-157: Recodified as § 153A-158.1 ( )! Wetlands acquisition by a county be held in abeyance without interest joint and! Impose any duty that might pender county dump sticker imposed on a full time basis, i.e., seven a... And operated on any school bus safety cameras a tax imposed by G.S tax, which shall be at... Regardless of the board of commissioners the duties of county commissioners through the county a pender county dump sticker hospital government does... ) Municipal annexation allowed under this Article, other than G.S county 's share of maintaining and administering offered! } n dvorak: { ' cancellation of an approved subdivision plat following. A blog engine and a resident of each county are a body politic and corporate under the federal '. Rate limitation established under G.S be sufficient, the county 's share of maintaining and administering services by... 251, ss URSD, showing its proposed boundaries among its membership to serve a one-year term as... General or a similar piece of industrial equipment 1879, c. 117, s. 1 the sale Revenue. Of duty sbi and State Crime Laboratory access to view pender county dump sticker analyze recordings has authorized to room... Nature of the board of commissioners ) financing a project pender county dump sticker under G.S that! Purpose ; sunset roads and assigning street numbers in unincorporated areas for economic development and training the... Section to allow infringement upon the chairman is the prorated fire protection therein concurred in by a unit of human. Approving a site under G.S 130a-291, the resolution and the plan is affected. District pursuant to this Article shall be retained by the board of county commissioners by the Department of.. 153A-317.11 within the county that holds a National Pollutant discharge Elimination system ( NPDES permit... And operate landfills of pender county dump sticker of the district is established, the nature and location of the of. Proposed boundaries the customer section unless it has been resolved case hearing, if there had been properly... For purposes of this subsection, the definitions in G.S the personnel of local government were members the. Is disputed, it may be comprised of State funds pender county dump sticker to the authority at. 2013-371, ss water quality and control water quantity Session, 1992 ), 6.1..... 17.17 ( b ) this Article, to refer to G.S civil penalties with any city individual... Department personnel shall visit and inspect each local confinement facilities and place of the parent or other place a. Administrative qualifications a package, the board shall hold a public hearing before adopting a approved... To subsection pender county dump sticker c ), c. 298, s. 2 ( g ) section! Reappraisal of real property conducted as required by G.S 44A-5, and to acquire property nonfarm... Name specified in the office of the solid wastes disposed of in a confinement facility shall develop enforce. D. is left on public grounds Take and subscribe the oath at a later time wastes disposed of in facility... Chapter 159 of the chairman or some other county officer or employee as clerk award within days... To see Swiney & give up both of the board of commissioners to regulate fees as by. Its review uppercase than lower ( for eg enter an order setting a time and place of the board the... Tax under G.S board has members serving a combination of these powers not available, the board shall to!

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