sub's world minecraft traps

They can be difficult to transport out of the Nether due to their fear of Nether Portals. Make a room or hallway at least 3 blocks high, and put tripwire in a layer on the third layer up. Place a half slab at the bottom as sand/ gravel may quench the water source. In a simple landmine, the lure could be a base behind the landmine, the trigger a pressure plate, the damage source TNT. You could also try to make it look like someone just died. Dispensers can be used to shoot out deadly objects like Potion, Arrow, tipped Arrow, Fire Charge, Lava, etc. 2. Self-healing insures longevity. This method is mostly undetectable; however, it is unstable and prone to premature detonation if you don't have patience. These components actually affect the target. You can come by later and kill all the slimes. The player can make up to twelve rows using one piston. Pistons are often used, for example, to push a player into lava, push someone into a pressure plate, push someone into a block and suffocate them, and more. Big mistake. (this can also be used for demolition). The tower will act as a bait for this trap. • Slightly more complicated to set up. If done correctly a player fallen into this trap will be unable to get out. Like the "free diamonds" example above, this probably works on newbies only. This trap is best for 2-tall tunnels, perhaps inside a friend’s mine. Gathering resources can be an exhausting business. If you see a. Sub, like many other YouTubers use the Googlerobot voice instead of his own voice. You could attach the comparator directly to the chest, but it would be more obvious as you can see over chests. There is a way to 'store' fall damage in a minecart and later have someone take that damage even though they don't actually fall a distance that would make them take damage. Works best when paired with an observer. Zombies and Skeletons will take damage from sunlight during the day if the pit is uncovered, making this an effective way to sort out creepers. It could be made to be more of an annoyance if you replace the arrows with tipped arrows with potions such as Slowness, Poison, Weakness, or even fire charge to inflict fire damage. In that case, water can be obtained in villages. Break the double tall plants. It is possible to detonate TNT with a pressure plate and a fishing rod. 4. Replace the 4 adjacent blocks to the air block at the bottom with trapdoors (make sure they open towards the magma so the pufferfish don't escape and die) and open them, then put a pufferfish in each one. This could be good on a trapped chest, but would only work on newbies. Alternatively, line the outside with half-slabs. 4) On top of the observer place cake. If someone falls down, quickly move to freeze the water. Make a tower that is at least three blocks high so it will be seen from a distance. Observers are most commonly used to detect whether a block state changes (ie: an ore trap). In a simple landmine, the lure could be a base behind the landmine, the trigger a pressure plate, the damage source TNT. If you want to destroy something flammable in the sky, FIRE CHARGES, (optional) Add a storage block with a hopper going into the dispenser. I've played this game for 10 years and I never knew you could do this. If you do this, you will probably want to put in carpet so as to not make it so obvious. Sub does not show his face because that is what he wants. 1.Place a pressure plate on a piece of 3 by 3 flat land. Disclaimer: This might work on only inexperienced players because pros can use the parts that are shown to think of what might happen to them if they went in. Step 1: Dig down an x/1

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