g loomis imx pro crankbait review

G. Loomis IMX-PRO Crankbait Casting Rods. The IMX Pro is a little too fast with slightly too little feedback at 30 feet. This fly is intricately tied with a variety of techniques that are easy to learn and fun to use in a variety of other streamer patterns. G.Loomis Pro: Luke Clausen "Triggering a reaction bite with a crankbait or lipless crank has always been one of my favorite techniques. Bladed Jig, Ledge, and Ned Rods. ten new application specific IMX-Pro rods the robust line now grows to a The IMX Pro is more of a bread-and-butter rod so it’s not going to be the BEST rod out there at typical trout distances. The swing weight is slightly noticeable when casting the IMX Pro at 45 feet and beyond. JWR in medium-heavy and 914C JWR heavy power to properly work hair jigs, By Louis Cahill. Not everyone fishes a crankbait the same way. That being said, it oozes solid, quality, performance and accuracy from close distances up to 60 feet. these new IMX-Pro offerings are made in the company's Woodland, Washington I dont need that length. I have bought numerous G Loomis rods in the past 20 years and among them have been GLX. This new G. Loomis IMX-PRO Series is a great example. The all-new IMX Pro is priority achieved. Even the phrase "purpose built rods" creates a sense of "wish I'd read more; I wouldn't have bought it. The G Loomis IMX Pro Short Spey: Review. When I bought the rod there was a lifetime guarantee no matter what. At 45 feet, a key trout fishing distance, the IMX Pro does a nice job. The G. Loomis Pro 4X is a great value rod. For easy identification on the water, these additions to the proven IMX-PRO series feature unique blank colors for quick recognition when switching techniques. Photo by Louis Cahill. //-->, G.Loomis Launches 10 New IMX-Pro Bass Sticks, Including The G.Loomis IMX Pro Deep-Flex Crankbait Casting Rod demonstrates a blend of innovation in design and hi-tech materials that allow a rod blank that reacts quickly, loads efficiently and provides more sensitivity than any IMX rod ever made. effective. google_color_link = "006699"; Design to reinforce potential stress points in the blank to create optimal In its price range, the IMX Pro is hard to beat. They perfectly match the way you want to fish a crankbait. all 74 IMX-PRO rods “take advantage of our on-going improvements in both our The discipline of G.Loomis rewards the angler with a new series of fly rods that is superior to the original in every characteristic. For $360 you are getting a great rod that will do it all at a very reasonable price. Tools | Storage | Moving up the rod, the IMX Pro adds a stylish, made in the USA quality, olive color blank. The result is often a setup that performs multiple functions only moderately well, as opposed to a setup that performs one particular function extraordinarily well. Putting powerful, lightweight design in the hands of swimbait enthusiasts, the G. Loomis IMX Pro Swimbait and Umbrella Casting Rods provide and advanced, high-quality construction that caters to big baits and even bigger bass. A functional double uplocking reel seat and wood spacer combine with a full-wells cork grip for a quality bottom end to the IMX Pro. For ledge fishing aficionados G. Loomis introduces two IMX-PRO IMX-PRO offers the most complete lineup of tools to maximize opportunity in all conditions. Our G.Loomis Rep Steve Spurgeon gave us a 696-4 (9’6” 6wt) to demo and we hit local Class A streams with 3-5” flies for pre-spawn brown trout. Built specifically for crankbaits, the G. Loomis IMX Pro Crankbait Casting Rods extend the … G Loomis IMX PRO Fly Rod // Review October 4, 2019. G.Loomis NRX+ Fly Rods | Model-by-Model Review In this article, we introduce G.Loomis NRX+ fly rods with a detailed overview and model-by-model reviews . Rods | Lures | The Crankbait Series is a graphite rod that is a much softer action for keeping fish pinned with treble hooks. factory. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. # FishGLoomis. google_ad_height = 600; The rod is a bit on the heavy side but produces quality casts at important 5wt distances. Over the years, G.Loomis rods have felt right at home when casting everything from big poppers to bass to tarpon toads to silver kings. If you ask any angler what he/she prioritizes when buying a fly rod, a common answer likely utilizes the words capability, affordability, and durability (or some combination of words with similar sentiment). The IMX Pro gets the job done at 60 feet but is not as accurate as it COULD be. You can’t find a better rod to fish streamers on foot with. The IMX Pro is a little too fast with slightly too little feedback at 30 feet. Your review (kind of like my experience with the rod so far) leaves me feeling like: yuk - why did I buy this mediocre, middling thing. I all ready have a 9'. It's a blend of innovation in design and hi-tech materials that allow us to create a rod blank that reacts quickly, loads efficiently and provides more sensitivity than any IMX rod we've ever made. As a top-finger guy, I prefer the classic cigar-style grip on a 5 weight rod, but to each his/her own. the IMX-Pro series with 10 new models to specifically use with swimbaits, bladed For those of us who have been at this long enough, you'll remember when Greys left us some 6 (or so) years ago to become a European only brand. Our pro Josh Douglas Fishing loves the IMX-PRO for throwing deep crankbaits! Some prefer an even softer rod when fishing certain baits. There doesn't seem like an stopping the growth in popularity of the Ned rig, and This ICAST G.Loomis expands I'll mirror these sentiments in the video review, but we did a great job of getting the IMX Pro Short Spey Rods on the radar of our customers right off the bat. The rod’s stiff mid and tip sections mean that distance is attainable through power, however, a little extra work is required to put the fly where you want it. Blank tapers have been refined. Read on to find out why. google_color_url = "FF9900"; Autopsy,