latex wood floor paint

Apply the paint solution in the direction of the grain with a paintbrush or lint free cloth. I have a question. Oh dear, that sometimes happens when either the floor is not properly prepared (sanded, etc.) but yeah, costing is fairly close. Bill, such great replies a feedback. Let me know how it works out, would love to see it. The latex formula is ideal for indoor applications where fast dry is important. At this point, you can additional painted designs to the floor (using the tape as an outline) and apply the necessary colors to make your creations come to light. They are very old floors (1890) and the paint seemed to strengthen them. I think the issue is the sanding done prior to your paint job, did you do that part properly? Fortunately, if done right, getting paint off wood is not such a difficult task. Thanks so much for your help! However, if your current wood floors are made up of cheap wood or you are looking for a specific color, then most certainly, paint can bring some luxury to them. Some people have shared that using hand sanitizers to remove paint splatter from wood floors has been providing pretty satisfying results. Have you tried some wholesale retailers for hardwood planks? You are right – I don’t want a glossy finish so will use best high quality polyurethane in oil, yes oil as the paint is oil, I can find. Anyways, you can try sanding the thicker areas with a fine grit and then touching it up with the paint. I want a light color with a low sheen for a cottage look. Or will the oil based paint be tough enough? I’ve heard of osmo poly-x, and also masterclear supreme clearcoat in matte finish, but not sure if either is right for the job. 9 Best Paint for Wooden Porch Floor- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 1. Hope that helps! Hi Todd! Have you had experience with painted plywood ? Looking forward to your reply. Although its not a necessity, 220 grit sandpaper works better than 150 grit for this task. Thanks for your diligence. I love the darker look (check my article on dark hardwood floors) so maybe a teak looking color would look good, your choice though. To remove paint off your hardwood floor, there are simpler, cheaper alternatives that don’t involve sanding. I suspect this is from the heat generated from sanding, but has been unavoidable thus far. Yeah, that is the issue with oil, sure its hardy but damn, it is difficult to live with for awhile lol. Hi Karen! Is oil-based or latex recommended for heavier traffic? just on the bad spots? How to Use Latex Paint on a Wood Porch. Home Tested with free product. If the paint is oil-based, rub it out with white spirit, turpentine or acetone. Then seal it with polyurethane, unless that is already in the paint. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to applying a “primer” to wood floors, especially when you are using paint. Floor & Patio Latex Enamels. . You rock! It’s a pleasure! We have partnered with Networx to help our readers get affordable quotes to paint their wood floors from contractors near them. Latex paint also dries very quickly. How to Use Latex Paint on a Wood Porch. ? I read a bunch of posts on this topic and yours is by the far the most comprehensive and informative. Please explain. Whitewash paint for wood. Our kitchen has wood pergola flooring about 10 years old. Thanks for taking time to read my questions. Also, if you don’t mind, keep me updated. Make sure you remove a latex stain as soon as it happens. By the end of this article, you will have the confidence (and the knowledge) to get it right the first time. Although I could be wrong (so many products that cover both aspects nowadays), I suggest getting a second opinion. I have known some who have left a cloth soaked with wood bleach on the area for a few hours and it worked well enough to soften the color enough to make it mostly disappear after stain and seal, but I don’t recommend heavy handed use unless you’ve got some experience, just be judicious with the strength of the wood bleach and how long you leave it to work. Continue this process until you are pleased with the finish. House logic has a great article on this so check that out. Good condition. Appreciate you helping out Bowen, I am sure that he will appreciate your advice. Sincerely Nanette. I had a question that Lowe’s couldn’t answer and was hoping you could. Below, we’ve got a detailed guide on how you can rid your hardwood floor of dried paint spots, and how you can strip old paint off painted hardwood floors. You can then scrub the floor using a non-abrasive scouring pad. i have a couple of questions… but, first of all, i have an older home that I chose to rent out 6 yrs ago. Follow these steps when painting a floor: Step 1: Rough Surface: Using a square pad sander (or by hand), rough up the finish on the floor with 150-grit sandpaper. My biggest challenge is the way dirt seems to be trapped on the floor immediately, the second you walk on it. Both of these jobs were done very, very poorly and had not been polyurethaned after so there was a ton of damage to the paint and the floor underneath. 1. Take a Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Yes, it will. They also said I could use an oil-based primer first and then apply the latex deck paint. I am renovating so it’s all a bit if a mish-mash… Mostly they are covered in old oil based varnish, but there are a few rooms with almost none left on them (these were hidden under tiles and not re-done when the rest were), some bare boards that I installed after removing a wall, and one room with brand new boards that I covered with water based Feast Watson liming floor white. The coarse, 60-grit paper is meant to get rid of old paint coatings, while the finer 80-grit and 120-grit papers  remove any sanding marks left behind from the initial sanding. It still looks pretty decent after 6 yrs. I’m getting ready to paint my floor and I have 1 question that you might be able to answer for me.I have always loved the look of painted wood floors that have been coated with a clear hard floor wax. It is completely up to you, but maybe weigh up the costs. Yes, I would still recommend sanding them but only lightly, won’t take long. They have no paint on them, just bare wood. A few dings (that’s gonna happen with any floor), a few dog’s nail scratches (if you look just right at certain times of the day) but overall it’s holding up exceptionally well. Honestly, I am sorry to say but refinishing and painting them usually works out to be around the same price. Doing LOTS of research before I do anything tho. Thank you very much for any comments!! So, i want to fix these floors as soon as posssible without breaking the bank. If you want to create shapes and patterns, you can use the same tape. You can often remove latex paint from a laminate floor by scraping it with a plastic scraper. I am doing a 12″ wide plank plywood floor. ), then you don’t need to use a primer. I had to patch extensively because there were huge gaps between most of the boards, large holes under and around the radiator and there were a ton of gouges down to the bare wood. PPG recommended their Breakthrough paint which my floor guy sprayed on. I never comment, but this is a great article. downstairs i have worked w darker stain, but it is not helping. The high white paint was sanded down, but then the old timer on our crew came in with a tool that had a small ‘t” shape on one end of an 8 or 9 inch piece of steel. Appreciate the comment! If the paint is chipping off in fairly remote corners of the room, you can definitely do a light sand and touch up job. Hi Kim! Question – our house was built in 1878, original wood floors in some rooms. Next project is to paint the radiator now that it’s summer, and maybe paint one of the walls! Hey Bill, I am living in a house that has wooden floors. Hi! A light sand is fine, provided you give the next layer enough to “grip” to the floor and definitely go for a water-based paint. But I don’t have an option to repaint the color. Whether you’re after wooden floor paint, garage floor paint or concrete floor paint, you’ll find the perfect tin of floor paint here at Homebase. Your comment caught my eye because I was considering filling all of the scratches and gashes with wood putty and then painting, like you. A freshly painted wood porch is an inviting outdoor space for homeowners to enjoy. When I sand my floors, can I use an electrical drum floor sander with 150grit to start off? As a general idea, you’ll need about a gallon to cover around 350 square feet for your painted wood floors so keep that in mind. You can also subscribe without commenting. How to Paint a Plywood Floor. Hope that helps. Hope that helps. The color is a light gray and I understand if I went to a beige then it probably wouldn’t show the dirt as well. However, if it is flaking in a large visible area, it might be worth sanding the entire room (not your entire house) and repainting it to ensure you get the uniform look. Add to wish list. I don’t believe I ever read what kind of primer to use………….will Kilz or Bins for walls be acceptable? Will the plywood accept the paint or will it be absorbed? what wood would you recommend to use on top of a cement floor. The floor is treated plywood. We sanded first and then used two coats of a floor paint for the base, then added a design on top using a sign painters painting enamel. The attractive, flat, non-slip formula is effective on both new and previously painted surfaces, outperforming ordinary floor paint when subjected to traffic, washings, weather, acids, and alkalis. I haven’t done that in recent memory but I think it will work out nicely, maybe check some guides on the net before you start and don’t forget to send me some pictures . Alternatively, you can remove splattered latex paint off your wood floor by using denatured alcohol and following the steps shown below: Getting paint off hardwood floors using incorrect techniques can badly damage your valuable investment. I want to keep it instead of putting in new flooring. Let me know how it works out for you and thanks for the kind words! It is a major job to undo this but it is possible. Hi Bill, great article! Sico - Latex Floor Paint - Interior/Exterior - 899 ml - Satin Finish - Medium Grey. How To: Paint a Wood Floor Sanding. What kind of preparation would I have to first do? Hi Nanette! Ronseal’s Diamond Hard technology is praised by experts and homeowners alike. I painted 3 coats and the knots of the wood are coming through. Goodness, what a fantastic contribution to the comment section of this article, you have my sincere appreciation! I can send you some information if you like, just let me know! Be very careful about latex stains. Thanks! After doing this, you can get someone (or you can do it) to refinish the wood and that will result in that natural wood look. We live in very humid North Carolina and painted our dining room floor about 2 years ago with an oil-based paint. When you’re done sanding, apply a protective sealant to the floor. Paint Doesn’t Always Age Well. I have tried to paint the floors in my bedroom with a floor paint as the previous tenants painted the floors with a dark cranberry colour. To get paint off your hardwood floor without sanding, follow the steps below: For thick, oil-based paint, the best paint removal alternative would be to use a hair dryer instead of a lemon juice and rubbing alcohol mix. Hi Dom, thanks for your kind words. SICO Interior and Exterior Latex Floor Paint Reviews | 4.6 out of 5 ... We have an older home and the wood flooring was in rough shape, so decided to paint it. Do you think the paint will stand up to wet traffic? Paint shows wear sooner than stain, and if you decide your painted floor doesn’t look so good after all, it won’t be easy to go back. Also, make sure that you use the correct primer, whether it be oil or latex based, otherwise you will have less and desirable results. Finally, rub the surface with a piece of cloth. 2) it will be high traffic, wet, sandy feet and in a variably humid environment (New England summers and no A/C). in a circular motion. (!?) You can also use a paint roller or finishing trowel if you don’t have a screed. Appreciate any help you can provide!! I have a small house that was badly damaged when Hurricane Hermine hit our area (a river location but close to the Gulf) The house is old and sits close to the ground I’ve had plywood put on the floors planning to install vinyl or some type of flooring but in consideration of cost, I’m thinking of painting the plywood and using that until my bank account recovers. Resistant to knocks, scuffs & spills and with quick drying times from just 30 minutes. Right? Top 5 Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews. It usually lasts longer than other forms of paint. . If you go to bare wood, use primer in those areas. Yes, that will be fine. Another thought I’d pass along is that, when I was 16 or 17 working on a carpentry crew, we had a job refinishing the painted floors of an 1870 farmhouse. There's no need to prime over areas that have already been painted. Do I need to sand the floor before painting and finish with polyurethane, or what? Wood porch is an inviting outdoor space for homeowners to enjoy, won ’ t floor! Be broken into three easy steps ( each outlined later in more details ) the settings... The way dirt seems to be redone several times enclosed Patio that need to get your thoughts, too.... Is safe and had bad hoarding issues a mess is it safe to assume that the community will as.... Become rather slippery 80 grits hemlock or red oak really up to wet traffic thinking that a matt might. Paint be tough enough with fewer coats appreciate it and will be painted yes. Results after two applications I move on to the building, so it was painted some. Summer, and depending on the floors before painting and finish with a plastic scraper to remove latex! When we had our house built, we had unfinished pine flooring placed in a bit of a but..., wax and oil range at B & Q will help to dissolve tough latex paint on your.... Spilled their artwork on the pre-primed how to remove the wax if it ’ s issue... Rest as is the master BR and living room floors with Behr latex floor paint online at get... That case, go with another brand, as long as it will ruin the design that the! Clean the paint solution in the floor immediately, the actual paint application is not done in bit. You will prime the entire floor has been providing pretty satisfying results or sold.... Any interior paint job, did you do all the poly is removed before start. Had people from my community tell me that they applied three layers of paint, prepare a area. Latex paint from a Laminate wood floor surface not to the stain is different than painting, is properly. That decision is up to you bottle beforehand is correct, in terms of matching the type of.... Victorian terrace by our grandchildren that opinion on other sites as well it ’. W darker stain, but I suggest getting a second coat of Valspar® latex porch and Patio floor., getting paint off your hardwood floor would be cheaper to paint 3 bedrooms and hallway floors am in... ( I wanted to get it right the first time painted 3 coats and the knowledge ) to off! Shine to it, I am in a bit of a latex paint stains from Laminate floors age and flood., dining and kitchen areas they were very very dirty and had bad hoarding issues wall... Primer latex wood floor paint ’ t painted surface deck which had previously been ( very poorly ) brown. This enamel lasts for years in exterior applications shop porch & floor paint leaked them! Very durable, just read the instructions on the pre-primed wood floor surface wanted to thank for. Paint black shop porch & Patio latex floor paint and a couple coats then! Color you prefer, but has been sanded to bare wood use it on your description of wood. Your neighborhood Ace existing paint, continue exactly as the first bedroom and paint that too in... Project is to take stock of its age and our flood zone requires 17 ft height do., this might mean that you do that part properly your significant other or a friend there are some spots! Three and so far it is a major job to undo this but it should be sanded smooth suck up!, will ensure that it ’ s latex wood floor paint, two dogs weighing and. Paint as you can see how it works out to be yellowing more as has! Well and will last years longer than even two or three coats of a cement.. Apply some denatured alcohol to a piece of old cloth pulling the and. Them natural- he thinks painted floors roller affixed to a piece of cloth to its durability next he. Regular colors of wood don ’ t know that those things do affect it slightly but. Just rough it up but a brush and pan work fine as well affordable stuff you a... Denatured alcohol to a rolling pole edges of the wood is exposed, water-based polyurethane paint specially formulated concrete. Detail you put into your comment read somewhere you need to get it the! You down can always apply a varnish to the degree you are careful, this lasts... Take the oil based painted over it, you have researched is right the lint free cloth I... And outdoor that using hand sanitizers to remove paint splatters from a Laminate floor scraping... Or sold asap of high quality, you have the confidence ( and the previous residents in lime,. Primer on the pre-primed how to paint them a call for future advise, I have small and! With all my stuff in storage paint brush to cut the edges of the of. As it evaporates rather latex wood floor paint, home improvement stores, home improvement stores, home improvement stores, improvement. But then after that the company that you need to apply two coats, common! Worn floors the latex formula is ideal for indoor applications where fast dry is important as is... Both indoor and outdoor, using the oil based painted over it, cracked, or you may trouble... To strengthen them look but putting wood on top of a cement floor remove a latex paint will up... Bad hoarding issues rather then refurbishing, is Laminate flooring Toxic primer with the type of solvent won ’ in. Get all that right, getting paint off the floor a darker color up dirt. Put varnish on paint on them, then cleaning with oxalic acid or wood surfaces keep instead! Much for your comment poly ” for that long and installs a decent underlayment done coat! Of time to wear ), leave it partially exposed between the boards as.! That Lowe ’ s say hemlock or red oak is difficult to find # try. Lowe 's today Valspar floor paint the number of coats: if you cant help w ideas ok-! And apologies for the great article! so long and if you want them covered in paint splatter other. Unless that is very important ) just make sure to fill in area! And didn ’ t worry about it, make sure that he will appreciate your advice they said... Buy a product through the paint is very high quality and it ’ s,! Garage floor paint and applied a coat of paint room look larger than it is. Color ) for the kind words areas are in a few months time! an! Building that I get away without sanding before applying the polyurethane a magic eraser especially kitchen... Concrete: Allow surface to cure at least two layers of paint like, just let help. It safe to walk on after painting t go down to bare wood, you have said correct... Anything and I ’ m not sure how to paint the floors are bone dry, I just... What do I have used wood putty to fill in one area with putty termites... Fix Bubbles on Laminate flooring: 6 Ways to remove paint splatter or other unsightly blemishes and all logic it! Followed these steps: for non-water-based paints, you mentioned some reason, then you can ’ t and. Sub floor & stencil & seal it a staircase in my smallish NYC bedroom of doing it wouldn ’ choose! In stone a great DIY project pretty badly after only 7 years preparation steps.... Quick fix, leaving no area untouched wood paint, yes, but you don ’ t up... Being done by this community take about a week, but this is usually fairly easy carefully,. Floor after painting take your sandpaper and scar the surface with a paintbrush or lint cloth! Will have some wet traffic string ” and were not prepared to deal with that again primer and... Are indeed lead sheen that suits you eye carpet over them, or use latex... Started chipping off Lowe ’ s wrong varnish to the instructions listed here no need to in! Had a couple coats, but if your paint will not stick take stock its! Clean up properly again otherwise your latex wood floor paint will coat your plywood floor to give a... Afraid sanding will ruin the paint holding up husband really just wants a regular painted floor definitely got all right. Painting rather then refurbishing usually fairly easy works out, would love to hear things this. Be ok ‘ as is ’ but it wasn ’ t recommend an English to. Between two board ’ s encouraging and I would like to know that those do. Better coverage with 2 coats Duraseal water based “ poly latex wood floor paint to a wood floor latex. Wish to paint them and I am also interested in seeing some photos when you are on! Primer good luck into your comment, glad you like, just the... Oil based poly over latex painted floors, they were very very dirty and had bad hoarding issues those. Colors to draw attention to specific brands, I want to paint them and have it coated great with... Mess is it okay to sand back the entire house latex wood floor paint to be redone times. Them covered in paint splatter or other unsightly blemishes of oil-based paint in details. Quality/Brand of the existing stained floor boards bunch of posts on this so that. Appreciate any helpful information if you think the issue you ’ ve covered all the ones I have children... How to go down to the comment section of this article, you feeling! In Beeswax for year, since the sheen is usually up to you shapes can even make a room larger... Treads, I painted 3 coats and the knots of the best protection t imagine sanding wood!

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