ford sync not working at all

I paid extra for a navigation system and now don’t have one!!! I really dislike this car and would take it back in a heart beat if I could. use of letters). But for the moment its working. The Rear parking aid sometimes stays on after I put it into drive. ABC News or CBS did a report on how bad this sinc thing is. The last time I used directions was while I was on vacation (drove from Colorado to California and back)…my GPS crapped out and so I had to rely on directions the last week of the vacation…they seemed to work most of the time, but it’s incredibly clunky and sometimes does not work and you have to repeat it. My 2013 Explorer Sync system will shut down and reboot every 18-20 minutes. I wish I could use my Google maps instead of the garbage they installed and forced to use. The radio just stopped working no sound. 3rd parties are solely responsible for their respective functionality. No stereo, no phone, nada. That nice 8″ screen is bigger than my smartphone’s…I should be able to display anything on the screen that I want to…even if I can just display what’s on my smartphone’s screen, that would be sufficient for me. So, now I am waiting on an APIM Module that is supposed to fix the problem. Accused so… because I keep my vehicle clean! Man am I pissed I have to deal with a blown left cluster again. Even if the NAV is locked up disconnecting the phone fixes the problem right away. It does not read and announce texts properly I’m not accepting this gracefully this time. That its installed in my car but they can’t finish without that necessary data. My car was in the dealership for one week and I had a Dodge Durango whose system worked every time perfectly with my phone I do wish I had known this sooner! What? Press the physical OK button in the … Wow, I didn’t realize that me recent trouble with the Ford Sync navigation system would be as troublesome as it seems it’s going to be. dealer said that ford would eventually update software. We left the car parked for a week & had a totally dead battery! Georgia has a hands free law, I can see myself getting a few tickets now. Wonder why we were not told at the time that the my touch was not a good system. It will not allow you to input an address while the vehicle is in motion even if you are the passenger, and the “voice activated commands” rarely, if ever work. I took into the dealer for second time and this time he asked If I have and Iphone 5. Thank you for anything you can help me do. Since the radio would not turn off, they disabled the whole system. but they are woefully incomplete and incorrect…for instance a Remember, if you are having these problems, thousands of others are. SYNC is the Ford Motor Company's in-vehicle entertainment system; it's been around for almost a decade. They have actually been pretty good through all this but my level of frustration with FORD is over the top. Sucks is the correct description. I was just outside the warranty. Just an FYI & new slant on the continuing problems with this Electronic crap box. When is anyone going to do this? UtahVermontVirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming. Well, I had to trade the 2011 and got a 2012. The 2011 Ford Explorer has 15 problems reported for mysync system not working properly. I too feel like I am breaking up with Ford because of this. The speaker has static when there is nothing on. At first the Sync worked, but over time, it has gotten worse. So far, the Sync went out in April 2018, the AC unit went out this month, and now the dealership said I need a 3rd AIPM. The clock on the screen is always behind the actual time (on the screen on the dash) until the system loads. Sounds too good to be true, right? I had a weird glitch where one day I couldn’t start it and I couldn’t get it to start for several hours. 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid with Sync. What a joke! Tap the physical down button in your car’s console until Select Source appears on the display screen. The Ford mytouch depending on your buid date had to be totally reprogramed. Second time yesterday. Now Ford Customer Service has assigned a case number and the dealer wants us to bring it back in. (yes the NEW one that just arrived) I am now waiting for another one that has been ordered but they are now on back order so it will be Mid April before I get one. To think that someone has had my vehicle for three weeks would put me over the top!!! This is nothing more than a BIG money scheme. The first time it happened was right after I picked up from the body shop who fixed hail dents. bought a 2013 escape with the sync system. The service manager informed me today that he has read my submissions on here and in the same breath said he’d thought my sinc was working fine and needed no more repair? If there is a class action lawsuit against Ford and Microsoft on their joint venture SYNC, I would like to be included. Make a note of any saved Navigation points and other personal data. I have a 2013 Ford Fusion with the 2.0L Ecoboost engine and the Ford MySync system with the larger touch screen navigation system. Keeps saying we are off route or can’t find the route or recalculating to the point you shut it off. My wife drives a Kia Sportage and never had a problem with her Navi or phone in the vehicle. Need to upgrade the system. I’m very sad because I had a 2005 Mustang for 11 years that never gave me any trouble. Wow! Locate the PHONE button in your center stack (location will vary by model). He has been dealing with the issues forever and is frustrated as well. Had my car down at the dealer more then 5 times for the same issue! Everytime I get it back my sync issues are worse! You have no radio. They contacted me today and want me to bring it back in to replace the module to the sync system. For those Canadians out there….CAMVAP is out equivalent of the “lemon law”…..I have an arbitration hearing in 2 weeks. Another user had the same problem after updating to Sync 3.3 in his 2019 Ford Mustang. This is my last Ford if I am led down the path yet again. All the other commands work perfectly. I cannot use voice to make phone calls. I have taken it to the Ford dealer and he has no idea what to do to fix it. Voice recongintion, Bluetooth, phone calls to the right number, USB charging the iphone, etc. USB sometimes won’t work at all until car is turned off. Giving me a new car may be cheaper for them. The dealer resets the system but that doesn’t help. The trick is, to wear you down to where you no longer care… same with this sinc business. My Sync/Navi has never worked properly. A few years back sync quit reading my text messages, then suddenly SIRI couldnt hear me when bluetooth was connected,then voice command button quit responding, next the phone button and the “OK” button quit working. Found this out after buying a new USB drive because I thought the 3 month old one that I had was defective. I went with the car to Germany to the Dealer Geigercars, they found it is the APIM Module that has to be replaced. So early this month (December) the weather dropped below 32 degrees regualry and my sync started weird things like mentioned above + more. I have the latest version 3.5.2, it still doesn’t work. I will post a positive on here if I am treated positively. Use the arrows to reach Add a Device, and press OK.Follow the prompts until you reach the point where you are asked for you 6-digit PIN. My husband contacted Ford Customer Service through the car and he was told it need an upgrade then the problem would be fixed. Doing a Ford Sync Master Reset 1. have had back to the dealer for days at a time several times now. The response time got worse every time I drove the truck. Prior to this Ford truck, I owned a Tacoma and two Tundras and never even had to change a light bulb! The steps below will be able to help you get your phone connected. By: LemonLaw I brought in to ford and they quoted me over a thousand dollars to replace it. As things continued to occur, I contacted them again, they said I would probably need a new APIM but would not be covered and would cost me approx $500-$1000 to repair. As the body shop tested the paint on my vehicle and explicitly told me what the real story is, (how Ford blows their consumers off….and the paint job on their vehicles..) they also tested the paint around the vehicle. The dealership has agreed to let me keep the loaner. We ask it to call anns cell and it calls riches cell. Have a 2011 Explorer. Phone calls get dropped or won’t stay connected. I thought I had fixed it. Hi, I’m from Europe, I have a 2011 Ford Explorer purchased in May 2011 (built in Mexico) now with about 48.000 km, bought from a german Dealer in Muenchen (Geigercars). I will never understand that level of customer service. The Vehicle Health Report will not download either. I telephoned only to be told that for $90 an hour they will look at it. When I got on the road I could see responses was back slow again but not quite as bad as before. Ford Corporate informed me they are having issues with the technology and it is most likely because of my iPhone. (Have since learned the radio does not always shut off when you turn the car off.) My 2016 ford fusion media button to switch to Bluetooth so phone so I can play my music from my iCloud or my Pandora wouldn’t work my phone wouldn’t charge when I plugged it in I took it to the dealer they had my car for almost a week and a half then they tell me it’s one of the pins on the radio and it needs To be replaced and it’s $800 and it’s not covered by the warranty if they were going to change my radio I ask them for the 8 inch or 6 inch screen and they said no what’s the point of updating my radio if I’m going to put the same old little screen in there. I predict that they suspect a “CLASS ACTION” coming soon!!! The system shut off twice for a maintenance update which did nothing. Ford made a huge mistake going with this system UPSET & dissatisfied !!! haha, that sucks as well. I have a case with Ford that they gladly closed based on what the dealer told them. Thank you. Ford today previewed its new SYNC 4 infotainment system, including support for wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. I also cannot listen to music via a flashdrive, because my backup camera doens’t work and the entire system goes black and remains black for 5 minutes and then reboots saying there are updates needing to be installed. Frankly needs to be scrapped and to start over again. It worked great! About one year and the SYNC system acted up killing the radio sound. He was also present along with the assistant manager when they had my vehicle for over six weeks and had promised to extend the warraty. Ford Canada is impossible to deal with, their Customer Care Unit are incompetent , rude, condescending, impatient and entitled. “I had Sync 3.2 and Android Auto (phone is a Pixel 3 with Android 10) was buggy and constantly disconnecting. To everyone else, Ford Technical Hotline always recommends a Master Reset (In the settings menu) first and then a battery disconnect for 5 minutes to let Sync re-initialize. My concern and question is whether this is an issue you can help with or am I SOL for waiting so long and letting the issue survive the warranty. Even though we did try to bring it in while still under warranty, it never had problems while we were there so they couldn’t fix anything. Now the GPS thinks I’m in Dearborn, MI. (This has since has been resolved. My boss recently bought a '16 Ford F450 with MyFord Touch, and he has a Z2 Force also-- phonebook would not sync. Don`t blame the dealers they are just trying to fix Ford`s screw up. They gave me a rental so they could keep the car and get it repaired. We also have a 2012 Lincoln MKS that is starting to have the same radio/phone issues with the sync. KentuckyLouisianaMaineMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouri That left display (instrument cluster) has now blown out twice on me in two years. Had the Chev for 16 years without a problem. I should hope it is covered considering it is a continuing problem never fixed under warranty. The car does it every day at random so I am sure that if they drive it for one day it will do it. 2015 (I’ve saved and videod all these issues). Many times when I try to call out there is nothing but dead air, no dial tone BUT my wife says that the call actually goes out, I just can’t tell from inside the car. I WANT MY 2005 EXPLORER BACK! Is there anything that can be done about this. SYNC is supposed to protect us from being distracted from the road. //

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