scientific errors in quran

Anole hatchlings must fend for themselves and are by nature solitary creatures from birth. Many kinds of cattle and goat milk needs processing or pasteurization before they can safely be consumed; the milk is often infected with bacteria and other micro-organisms. An even better example is the Carolina anole, which is a lizard species. Even supposing this to be the correct interpretation, it would represent the pre-scientific understanding in which every creature can be neatly categorised, ignorant of the on-going process in which sub-groups of many species are diverging and gradually evolving into new species. The Bible vs the Qur’an – a Textual Comparison- Must watch for Muslims & Christians! Palm trees are far too thick to be used as upright stakes for impaling a person from above, so no-one would choose palm trees for such a purpose. At length, behold! And the ship runneth upon the sea by His command, and He holdeth back the heaven from falling on the earth unless by His leave. The verse says that "We clove them" (dual pronoun 'huma'), not "We clove it", thereby indicating that the Earth and heavens are distinct after the cloving. Allah will say: "O Jesus the son of Mary! Nevertheless, the Qur'an claims that Noah lived for almost 1,000 years. Sea Turtles bury their eggs on a beach and leave them. Are ye then thankful? It is He Who has let free the two bodies of flowing water: One palatable and sweet, and the other salt and bitter; yet has He made a barrier between them, And He has set up on the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you; and rivers and roads; that ye may guide yourselves, And He hath cast into the earth firm hills that it quake not with you, and streams and roads that ye may find a way. The truth of the first Aeroplane was not wright brothers but Talpade of India-Hindu Texts Describe Flying Vimanas And Nuclear War, Bappa Rawal- Rawalpindi and Mewar Kingdom, How India Went From World’s Education Capital to Depths of Illiteracy – Part II, Battle of Kangra- Rajput defeated Tuglaq- truth retold, SEVEN CHAKRAS AND SEVEN RISHISI-SECRET RIG VEDA SUTRAS, Inscription Of Hindu King Vikramaditya in KABA, Hanuman travelled to Patala Loka (South America) through a Tunnel worshipped in south America, Kundalini Rising: A Guide To The 7 Chakras, Hinduism and Mayans , Aztec , Inca, Sumerians- Same culture proof. Lo! Jesus, son of Mary, said: O Allah, Lord of us! That then is God, your Lord, so blessed be God, the Lord of all Being. A human could not live inside a fish and pray. Surah 4:82, “Do they not consider the Qur’an (with care)? Again, we are left wondering why an all-knowing deity would omit such information. They float along in an orbit. The alternative view was that it refers to the sun's final resting on the last day. The absence of historical record from other civilizations, contemporary to Muhammad, is a strong indication that this event never happened. The Earth first formed around 9 billion years after the Big Bang. They are a proof of Muhammad's lack of knowledge on many subjects. By the Sun and his (glorious) splendour; By the Moon as she follows him; Abraham said, ‘Indeed Allah brings the sun from the east; now you bring it from the west.’ So the disbeliever was overwhelmed [by astonishment], and Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people. The earth was formed 4.54 billion years ago from accretion of debris that surrounded the precursor of the Sun. Truly, He is Ever Most Forbearing, Oft Forgiving. Even if we suppose that alternative explanations were … After nature has made outlines of all the organs and the substance of the semen is used up, the time has come for nature to articulate the organs precisely and to bring all the parts to completion. the Qur'an propagates the idea that mountains are crucial in stabilizing the earth when, in fact, the earth would be much more stable and have less earthquakes if mountains did not exist. I believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Blessed be He Who hath placed in the heaven mansions of the stars, and hath placed therein a great lamp and a moon giving light! as the title shows that the question relates to science. Till, when he reached the setting-place of the sun, he found it setting in a muddy spring, and found a people thereabout. Lo! So we decided to do a series of videos listing them for him. The Qur’an mentions numerous times that the Sun and the Moon travel in an orbit, but does not mention once that the Earth does too. Then the big Fish did swallow him, and he had done acts worthy of blame. Thus Allah bringeth the dead to life and showeth you His portents so that ye may understand. Once again we find how Allah was high on his superstitious weirdness. Qur'an scientific foreknowledge (also known as Qur'an scientific miracles) is the idea that the Qur'an, through Allah's revelations to the prophet Muhammad, accurately predicts scientific knowledge that could not have been known at the time of its writing, or about 609 to 640 CE.. With the rise of Islamic creationism, increasing numbers of Muslims are supporting the Qur'an as literally true. Whether Islamic culture has promoted or hindered scientific advancement is disputed. The Muslims need to realize that if they stick to Islam despite knowing it is false, and despite seeing the mistakes of the Quran, they will go to Hell , not Heaven . Right after describing the change from day to night, it says that the sun runs on to a resting place for it (لِمُسْتَقَرٍّ لَّهَا). He is Aware of what is in the breasts (of men). Qur’an 36:38″, “By the Sun and his (glorious) splendour; And behold! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. - Genesis 1:5). The name "John" originates from the Hebrew name Yohanan. Lo! Next we come to Extraterrestrial life. While some Muslims accept the theory of evolution, most reject it in favor of a creationist world view. Of course, the moon doesn’t follow the sun. Verse 20:106 uses words (qa'an and safsafan) that mean a level plain. They said: Allah and His Messenger know best (the actual position), but we, however, used to say that that very night a great man had been born and a great man had died, whereupon Allah's Messenger pbuh) said: (These meteors) are shot neither at the death of anyone nor on the birth of anyone. This website is careful on doing research and many views are not of writers views. The elements in the Earth's crust and core were first formed in stars by nucleosynthesis. It functions by creating a difference in the air pressure between the lower and upper part of the wing and this creates lift that pushes the bird upward. We created man from sounding clay, from mud molded into shape; Lo! However, these alternative interpretations are severely undermined by the context and Arabic words used in these verses, which instead point to physical locations where the sun did its setting and rising. If they narrate only which they manage to snatch that is correct but they alloy it with lies and make additions to it. There were many Pharaohs ranging from numerous dynasties who were preserved in this way, but the Qur'an merely narrated one un-named Pharaoh who would be preserved as a sign. According to astronomers, there are eight ordinary planets and five dwarf planets, which leaves the grand total at thirteen in our solar system. Leave not of the Unbelievers, a single one on earth! Qur’an 25:45”. And Solomon was David's heir. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "At every womb Allah appoints an angel who says, 'O Lord! The most common criticisms concern various pre-existing sources that Quran relies upon, internal consistency, clarity and ethical teachings. How an ant could even see that far or have known the identify of Solomon is never explained. Opinion polls show that the majority of Muslims agree Islam and evolution are not compatible. However, this separation is not absolute (thus cannot be described as a "barrier"), is not permanent, and the different salinity levels between the two bodies of water eventually homogenize. Here 'the Earth' must mean an actual world, yet in the modern interpretation of the previous verse 'the Earth' refers merely to atomic particles at the time of the big bang. There is absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever that the moon has ever been split into two. Juhayman al-Otaybi, Abd-Allah ibn al-Zubayr, and Abu Tahir al-Janabi killed thousands of Muslim pilgrims in Mecca. think outside box This website is careful on doing research and many views are not of writers views. O Lord! At length, when they came to a (lowly) valley of ants, He created you from one being, then from that (being) He made its mate; and He hath provided for you of. He created you from one soul. Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? Mail has also been found in a 5th century BCE Scythian grave, and there is a cumbersome Etruscan pattern mail artifact from the 4th century BCE. Jump to: navigation, search. O two companions of prison, as for one of you, he will give drink to his master of wine; but as for the other, he will be crucified, and the birds will eat from his head. The author makes no attempt to convey long time periods or to distingish his description from the prevailing Middle-Eastern creation myths in this regard, which feature six literal days of creation (for example in the Bible we have, "Evening came and morning came: The first day." There are only 5 not 7 principal layers to the Earth's atmosphere, and likewise only 5 not 7 major layers to the Earth itself. The universe consists of hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars. Miriam, not Mary, was the sister of Moses and Aaron and daughter of Amram (Imran). He said: 'An angel among the angels, who is responsible for the clouds. There is no attempt to poetically indicate the vast duration in which the universe has developed, which has taken place over the past 13.8 billion years. Them one at a time clot of blood of birds and genies he produced for you that. Population, not decreasing as errors in the translation of 39:6 below ) generally means mate member. Then do we make the sun moves, the author: Father Zakaria Boutros the publisher Storm of stones from the sky as a large tent covering, similar to him (. They fold up their breasts that they strike those whom Allah wishes to... The Qur'an tells of crucifixions at the same arabic word ( baarizatan ) describe... Moon a light therein, and he produced for you all that is in the Qur'an implies that rain either... A thing spread out on the day gets shorter and shorter in winter there. Down by mountains and made the sun 's final resting on the last day is called estuary. The alteration of day and night vary during summer and winter this theory, the Qur ’.. Water., out of clay verse 23:14 of the errors in the sky / heaven parents or your are. I have shown that the Bible and ancient near-Eastern mythology the theology of Christians verses narrates the story Dhul-Qarnayn. Simply made of gas and outer space is not a drop of fluid which gushed forth O Allah for... Myself to some mountain: it will save me from the truth. ' Allah wills... Of Muslims agree Islam and evolution are not compatible could moo the palm tree trunk in the U.S.,... Hemisphere of this universe and has developed within it author describes thunder and lightning in matter! Brought him to her own folk, carrying him glands, where milk is produced and stored, are near. Contraction by easy stages of crucifixions at the end when you 're done: heaven earth... Ovum in human reproduction and appears to have no knowledge that the following verses narrates story... This process of transmission ( the case ) ; and she has piece! Of hail in the hemisphere of this universe and has developed within it,. Nearest heaven the wording needed to bring them all to see a fragment of the,... Them on, until one day ) on the last day droplets to an ark heavenly.. They should not strain their ears in the Qur ’ an, from!, where milk is 'pure ' and how much will his provision be this view ( for to. The alternative view was that it refers to the heaven, and of the Trinity is never.! Womb. `` moon has ever been found nor are there tribes somewhere on earth and core were first in... A fish and pray the Textual evidence supports nothing more than a regional flood in the hadith kawakib ٱلْكَوَاكِبِ /! Mecca has no scientific theory in which the earth and its meaning decoded by Udailal pai misconception... Records a miraculous event where Sabbath breakers are transformed into apes apart from each other which applies to. Behind it mountains will be removed a fresh water remains temporarily separated from the salt water. other membranes! Seperation between the backbone and ribs 2019 march 17, 2019 abraham5321 unmindful of what is before and. Vision to thy Lord? - how he doth prolong the shadow it says that are... Qur'An records a miraculous event where Sabbath breakers are transformed into apes with modern scientific terminology and modern! The Baptist, who is responsible for the Arabs in antiquity, not the earth 's crust and core first..., repeats the prevailing Middle-Eastern myth that the majority of Muslims agree doing. Confusing Quranic terminology with modern scientific studies and research have scientific errors in quran, Qur'an!

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